Polkadot and Cosmos falling, Everlodge charting higher

Polkadot (DOT) and Cosmos (ATOM) are down in the last month, with increasing speculation on their price movements in August. While this prints out, real estate platform Everlodge is trending higher. 

This article looks into the recent dip in Polkadot and Cosmos as well as what’s in store for DOT and ATOM in August. Further, the report will delve into the Everlodge ecosystem and its offerings in real estate.

Polkadot is falling

Polkadot is an interoperable blockchain. 

In June, DOT, the native token of Polkadot, fell. This is despite Polkadot being a popular platform for deploying decentralized finance (defi) dapps, or decentralized applications. With falling prices, there are concerns about its short-term price performance.  

The contraction in DOT prices could be attributed to the drop in the broader crypto market and dampening sentiment. Polkadot could also be feeling the heat due to increasing competition.

As it is, DOT might continue to spiral lower, posting more losses in the coming days. 

Uncertainty in Cosmos

Cosmos aims to foster cross-chain interoperability, but its coin, ATOM, has been under pressure in recent weeks and months.

Market volatility and competition have seen ATOM edge lower, raising questions on whether the coin could recover this year.  

Nevertheless, without strong indicators, it is hard to precisely predict how ATOM will print out in future sessions.

Everlodge and real estate

The real estate industry remains one of the oldest yet most potent industries. However, the sector faces critical challenges revolving around fundraising and investments, which Everlodge aims to solve.

Polkadot and Cosmos falling, Everlodge charting higher - 1

To fill this gap in real estate, Everlodge is a web3 firm that blends fractional vacation and luxury homeownership with non-fungible tokens (NFT). Property developers can raise capital on Everlodge’s marketplace, allowing members to invest.

Its ecosystem will comprise a property marketplace, a launchpad, and a lending platform. Users can buy, sell, and invest in fractional real estate in the Everlodge marketplace. Moreover, users can co-own luxury villas, vacation homes, and hotels—which will be digitized—with as little as $100, offering an opportunity for investors to earn passive income.

Further, its launchpad will allow property developers to raise capital from its ever-expanding community. As a result, members will get a head start on promising projects and maximize their return on investments (ROIs). Additionally, users can use their property-backed NFTs as collateral to obtain short- to medium-term loans.

For these reasons, EGLD, the utility token of Everlodge, can be a token to consider. Besides its projected growth, which analysts are bullish on, EGLD plays several offer roles in the Everlodge ecosystem.

EGLD holders will get discounts on property purchases in the marketplace. Moreover, they will receive free nightly stays in hotels and villas in the ecosystem. Token holders are also free to stake and earn monthly interest. 

In the ongoing Everlodge presale, EGLD is available for $0.01.

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