Richard Kiyosaki dubs fiat currency ‘criminal money,’ advocates for crypto

Richard Kiyosaki dubs fiat currency 'criminal money,' advocates for crypto

Robert Kiyosaki, the acclaimed author of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad,’ recently shared his positive sentiments about cryptocurrencies as the future of money.

Bitcoin, the author says, could reach $120,000 next year and warns of a potential economic crisis, urging investors to consider digital currencies as a haven.

Kiyosaki predicts grim fate for fiat currencies

Kiyosaki recently tweeted about his strong beliefs in the potential of cryptocurrencies, owing to the upcoming TOKEN2049 crypto conference set to take place from Sept. 18-19.

He took to X (previously Twitter) to express his views, saying cryptocurrencies are the future and that traditional fiat currencies, particularly the U.S. dollar, are on their way out. 

Kiyosaki is optimistic about Bitcoin’s resilience, especially its ability to bounce back after downturns. He expects the king coin’s price to skyrocket to $120,000 next year, spurred by the halving event.

Kiyosaki says green energy hurts middle class; Data proves otherwise

Kiyosaki uses the term ‘criminal money’ to describe fiat currency. He promotes investments in assets like gold, silver, and Bitcoin as safeguards against the depreciation of fiat currency, which he predicts will occur due to trillions being injected into the economy and subsequent rampant inflation.

The financial expert also warns about the possible fallout from inflation, with the middle class bearing the brunt of the impact. He blames President Joe Biden’s green energy policies as a contributing factor, even though data shows the opposite. Bank of America, for example, estimates that the Biden Administration — through the Inflation Reduction Act’s climate provisions — has created more than 86,000 clean energy jobs thus far, including 50,000 jobs related to electric vehicles.

Some 1.5 million additional jobs are expected over the next decade.

Kiyosaki has repeatedly criticized the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve for their continued money printing. He anticipates a major crisis in the U.S. economy and encourages investors to see Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as safe havens during these tumultuous times.

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