Securitize Ventures Beyond The U.S To The U.K

Securitize, a blockchain company headquartered in the United States and renowned for its expertise in tokenizing real-world assets, has expanded its operations to Europe.

The company entered the Spanish General Secretariat of the Treasury and International Finance’s specialized sandbox for digital asset securities. Consequently, Securitize has initiated issuing tokens representing equity in Mancipi Partners, a Spanish real estate investment trust.

Tokenization involves converting conventional financial assets, such as stocks and bonds, into digital tokens and issuing them on a blockchain platform.

This marks its first European trial, allowing Securitize to demonstrate its capabilities on the European market. Carlos Domingo, the co-founder of Securitize, stated:

Securitize is now the first firm to be able to issue and trade tokenized securities in both the U.S. and Europe, and is the first firm to do so under the EU’s new pilot regime for digital assets.

Securitize Regards Spain’s Sandbox Environment As Pivotal

Under supervised conditions, the Spanish General Secretariat of the Treasury and International Finance approved the firm to deploy digital asset securities to a select group of businesses and investors. According to the press release, this approval represents a recent achievement for Securitize in the European market.

Securitize views Spain’s sandbox environment as a crucial milestone, enabling the company to conduct real-world trials before acquiring the required licenses.

Following a six-month period, the firm secures approval from the European Union Pilot Regime, enabling Securitize to proceed with issuing, managing, and trading tokenized securities in Spain and the broader EU.

The shares have been tokenized on the Avalanche blockchain, with secondary trading of these tokenized shares anticipated to commence in September.

In May, the company partnered with asset management firm Hamilton Lane to enhance investor exposure by offering tokenized securities.

Amparo Garcia Flores, CEO of Securitize Europe Brokerage And Markets, mentioned:

This is not just theoretical work; we are proving that what we have in the USA is feasible in Europe. This means we can open our market to both sides of the Atlantic, effectively doubling the size of our business and the opportunities for issuers in Europe who previously did not have the same opportunities as their American counterparts.

In the USA, the company provides a range of services encompassing the entire lifecycle of a security token. These services include issuance, capital increases, dividend distribution, shareholder meetings, redemptions, and facilitating securities trading in the secondary market.

A considerable part of the company’s technology team is comprised of Spanish professionals.

The total crypto market cap was at $1.15 trillion on the one-day chart | Source: TradingView

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