Shiba Inu Price Prediction: Everlodge and Curve DAO Set the Pace but Who Has Most Potential?

Shiba Inu Price Prediction: Everlodge and Curve DAO Set the Pace but Who Has Most Potential?

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Shiba Inu has performed below market expectations in September. Experts predicted that Shiba Inu would surge after the launch of Shibarium. However, Shiba Inu’s value has continuously fallen. As a result, investors are now looking for alternatives.

Everlodge and Curve DAO have both proven to be strong candidates. Everlodge has experienced an 80% rally during its presale, while Curve DAO has surged over the last week. But which of these options has the most potential in Q4?

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Everlodge Sets The Bar High For September Returns

DeFi real estate platform Everlodge is outperforming the crypto market during its presale. Having quickly sold out in its previous stages, experts believe stage 3 will be Everlodge’s best selling yet. So why are experts excited?

Everlodge is the world’s first DeFi market designed for holiday properties. Using Everlodge, investors will be able to buy ownership in vacation homes, villas, hotels, and more through NFTs. Rather than using a real estate agent, investors can buy NFTs that represent ownership of a property. For example, buying an NFT that represents 25% of a $1 million villa.

This disruptive application significantly reduces the amount of funds required to make a purchase, with NFT fractions starting as low as $100. Upon buying an NFT, an investor will generate a fixed passive income. This income will be based on how much of the property they own. Additionally, if the property increases in value, an investor’s NFT value will increase the same amount.

In addition to the travel property market, Everlodge could also disrupt property developments. The project is launching a DeFi launchpad that will help fund new developments. This could provide developers with new opportunities to raise funds, while also rewarding early investors for their support.

Everlodge tokens (ELDG) are currently available for $0.018 during stage three of the project’s presale. Investors who buy tokens will become part of the Everlodge rewards club. Rewards club members will earn free stays at properties throughout the Everlodge ecosystem, which can be sold for a passive income.

Can Shiba Inu Recover After Shibarium Chaos?

Shiba Inu’s price has fallen by 9.45% over the past month. This decline follows an underwhelming Shibarium launch, which experienced a major fault. Given the amount Shiba Inuwas relying on Shibarium, many Shiba Inu token holders are frustrated.

Over the next month, many experts believe that Shiba Inu is likely to continue falling. However, in the long term Shiba Inu could rise significantly. Given the project’s potential and growing utility, Shiba Inu will likely increase in value during the next bull market. This makes the memecoin a strong investment for those thinking long term.

Crypto Wales Drive Up Curve DAO’s Price

Curve DAO experienced a significant surge over the last week. This surge was triggered by a crypto whale who purchased 9.27 million worth of Curve DAO. After the purchase, Curve DAO increased by 15.99% and is now trading at $0.5146.

With crypto whales investing in Curve DAO, investors believe that the project could increase in Q4. That being said, Curve DAO has decreased by 2.22% over the last 24 hours and therefore some believe its recent surge was only temporary.


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