Socrates Set to Unveil Innovative Social Media and Educational Platform for Web3

Socrates Set to Unveil Innovative Social Media and Educational Platform for Web3

London, United Kingdom, August 29th, 2023, Chainwire


  • Socrates is a web3 social media and educational platform based on the Polygon blockchain
  • Following extensive testing, the platform will launch to the public on 12th September 2023
  • The platform allows anyone to participate in multiple-choice questions and answers, with rewards distributed for interacting
  • The organisation aims to provide a platform offering new levels of discussion, insight and thought across geographical boundaries

Socrates, a web3 social media and educational platform based on the Polygon blockchain, has announced their highly-anticipated public launch on 12th September 2023. Following a comprehensive testing phase, Socrates is poised to redefine online interactions by providing a dynamic space for open debate and knowledge sharing.

The platform enables users globally to earn rewards by easily creating and answering multiple-choice questions in-app, discussing any topic, from politics and science, to sports and entertainment. Individuals can also give reasons and like comments to further support their opinions.

Utilising an intuitive user interface and blockchain technology, it will offer an uncomplicated overview of diverse perspectives, reducing spam and promoting the circulation of valuable and high-quality content. Uniquely, they’ve created an incentivised model where any interaction contributes to the question’s prize pool. Once a question closes, potential rewards are distributed, stimulating meaningful conversations among participants.

With web2 social media currently directing collective human thoughts and popular AI language technology providing standardised answers, Socrates emerges as a beacon of change. Combining the best of Social-Fi and Game-Fi, Socrates’ mission is to explore how web3 technology can foster a new era of exploration and engagement. By creating a revolutionary platform encouraging free speech, it aims to combat misinformation and offer diverse human thoughts on issues in a secure environment.

“We’re hugely excited to enter the last phase of testing before we publicly launch. By leveraging the potential of web3 technology, we’re enabling societies to understand new ways of thinking that transcend geographical and cultural boundaries,” said Lottie Wells, Head of PR at Socrates. “12th September 2023 will mark a new chapter in empowerment and engagement.”

From 12th September 2023, the organisation invites users to join the debate by signing up and experiencing Socrates at

About Socrates

Socrates is a global web3 social media and educational platform based on the Polygon blockchain, where users earn by participating in multiple-choice Q&As, debating and sharing knowledge. Combining the best of Social-Fi and Game-Fi, the organisation aims to explore the power of technology to reshape the world and new ways of collective thinking. It is named “Socrates” because it revolves around the core concept of “multiple-choice questions without standard answers” and embodies the spirit of thinking and dialectics.

The function of the Socrates product lies in inspiring individuals to engage in dialectical thinking on a range of issues. The product aims to counteract the biased and extreme tendencies prevalent in mainstream social media’s approach to societal problems, and seeks to propel human society towards a more rational, inclusive, equal and open direction. Furthermore, it harnesses collective wisdom to expand the boundaries of human thinking.

Socrates aspires to showcase individuals’ diverse perspectives, choices and debates on different issues to the world. In doing so, we aim to promote mutual understanding and inclusivity among individuals, nations, and countries. Our goal is to foster healthy competition and lasting peace in human society, thereby contributing to the exploration of new kinds of civilisation for humanity.

Integral to Socrates’ mission, they’ve developed a robust strategy ensuring the development of high-quality content in a concise way, that minimises spam and provokes engagement like never before. The platform has created an incentivised ecosystem where any interaction on the platform gives the chance to earn rewards. Utilising an innovative and intuitive UI with blockchain technology, Socrates focuses on transparency and security, offering users web3’s unparalleled privacy features and the reduction of spam.

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