Solana Pay partners with Shopify to enable USDC payments

Solana Pay partners with Shopify to enable USDC payments

E-commerce businesses using Shopify can now integrate Solana Pay to enable USDC payments.

Solana Pay, a payment system built on Solana, is partnering with Shopify for businesses to access a faster, more efficient, and transparent payment mechanism.

This integration will empower Shopify-based merchants to tap on blockchain’s capabilities by facilitating real-time fund access, enhanced management of working capital, liquidity, and improved protection against liabilities.

As a result, businesses can bypass traditional banking hassles, such as unwanted fees, chargeback issues, and delays in payment processing. This alliance will also pave the way for direct and swift settlements using USDC from other networks compatible with Solana.

“Solana Pay on Shopify opens up millions of merchants to a more dynamic and efficient payment choice, while consumers get the convenience and increased utility of being able to pay for goods and services with digital dollar currencies from the vast network of merchants using Shopify,”

– Josh Fried, head of commerce business development, Solana Foundation

Following this collaboration, Solana Pay can now offer general commercial services, including token-specific promotions, international transactions, and loyalty rewards tapping on other web3 functionalities, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Several brands, like Helium, MedLeds, and Solana’s merchandise outlet, have already committed to incorporating Solana Pay as a preferred payment method.

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