The Web3.Conference United Industry’s Brightest Minds in Amsterda…

The Web3.Conference United Industry’s Brightest Minds in Amsterda...

Amsterdam, Netherlands, May 24th, 2023, Chainwire

The organizers of The Web3.Conference are celebrating a successful day-long event that brought together the industry’s leading lights. Held in Amsterdam on May 19th, the annual event from the AroundB team discussed hot topics and gathered industry insights from Web3 experts.

With more than 20 speakers, four panel discussions, and six startup pitch sessions during seven hours, the agenda contained something to suit every guest. Mark Eid from Qlindo, the main sponsor of the event, spoke about green real estate and renewable energy investment opportunities. The subject of how to invest in Web3 was continued by a lively panel discussion between Rachel Pipan (Maneuvre), Nick van der Heiden (Hodl), Sofia Chikara (4wrdtech), and Sandro Potenza (Global Coin Research).

Nirmala Shome’s (The Fabricant) speech was dedicated to Web3 fashion and its possibilities. The future of Web3 identity and social networks was covered by Sharon Sciammas (W3B Lab) as well as panel participants Gijs Ertemann (Secret Network), Joonatan Lintala, (Phaver), Sharon Sciammas (W3B Lab), Nico Gallardo (Troop Labs), and Sara Anna Mamel (KILT Protocol).

An intense panel discussion titled “The Role of NFTs and the Metaverse in Web3” was conducted by Nishera Sachdev from Luna PR, Lianna Adams (Web3/NFT GTM Advisor), Cosmin Gafta (YOM), and Mickelle Weber (House of Peregrine). The topic “Metaverses as Jurisdictions” was led by James Haft (DLTX), while the section “Web3 Infrastructure: Building DAOs” was supported by Philippe Honigman (Mangrove DAO), Jamie Holmes (Perpetual Protocol), Soumaya Erradi (Scaling Parrots), Vincent Plaisier (The Graph AdvocatesDAO), and Ben Hoelzl (FTW DAO).

One of the special panels was dedicated to startups that presented their future-proofed vision: TrueBlocks, Rail, Ping,, Tide, Aidonic, and 1inch hardware wallet.

Natalie Gavrilenko, AroundB CEO, said: “Thank you to everyone who attended. The AroundB team is grateful for every participant at The Web3.Conference. The goal of the event was to bring together people from different countries, with their own vision of the Web3 future, to share their thoughts with the audience, and make our own impact on the Web3 development industry.”

The Web3.Conference was held in Felix Meritis, known for its winning design by the architect Jacob Otten Husly. He built it for a new society called Felix Meritis that was established in 1776 for Music, Drawing, Physics, Commerce and Literature in the modern neo-classical style.

AroundB thanks the main sponsor of the event Qlindo that bridges the gap between blockchain and green real estate investment opportunities, paving the way to a sustainable future, and thanks all the participants, speakers, and media partners for making this event happen.


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