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New research unveils the best countries and industries for finding your ideal crypto job, even in unexpected regions.

Cryptocurrencies, once the realm of tech enthusiasts and niche investors, now have a significant foothold in the global job landscape. Anchored by blockchain technology, the cryptocurrency domain is generating roles for those well-versed in its nuanced architecture.

According to a study by Coin Kickoff’s spanning over 150 countries, about half of all crypto jobs are hosted by prominent exchanges like Coinbase and Binance. Highlighting this surge, software engineers at these exchanges can earn up to an impressive $900,000 a year.

Which regions offer the most opportunities in this dynamic field? Let’s delve into the leading cities and nations in cryptocurrency employment and explore the industries most eager to tap into crypto talent.

Countries leading in crypto employment

The global map of cryptocurrency employment shows that while crypto has its dominance in the Western world, it’s in the smaller, agile nations where individuals can readily get jobs in crypto that seem to have embraced this revolution most warmly.

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  • Georgia: Taking the lead, Georgia stands out with an impressive 127.12 crypto jobs per million people. This small nation has been quick to adopt and innovate in the crypto sector, proving that size doesn’t always equate to influence.
  • Singapore: Following closely is Singapore, a country known for its technological advancement and business-friendly environment, with 90.87 crypto jobs per million people. It’s no surprise that this global financial hub has recognized the potential of blockchain technology early on.
  • Lebanon: Third on the list is Lebanon, boasting 73.77 crypto jobs per million people. Despite its economic challenges, Lebanon’s embracement of cryptocurrency jobs is an indicator of the nation’s adaptability.
  • Luxembourg: Next up is Luxembourg, with 72.58 jobs per million people. This European financial powerhouse, though tiny in size, has always been a step ahead in financial innovations, and the rise of crypto is no exception.
  • Estonia: Rounding out the top five is Estonia, with 39.97 jobs per million. Estonia‘s digital advancements in e-governance have been noteworthy, and their move towards crypto adoption aligns with their digital-first approach.

What’s striking about this list is the diversity of the countries mentioned. From economic powerhouses to nations grappling with financial crises, the adoption and embracement of crypto jobs appear to be a universal trend. 

While these countries lead the pack, it’s essential to note that crypto jobs are spreading far and wide, with nations from every continent represented in the broader list.

The state of crypto employment in the U.S.

The recent challenges in the crypto world, particularly post the FTX collapse, haven’t deterred America’s financial services sector. With key political figures optimistic about forthcoming legislation on crypto and blockchain, the sector is buzzing with discussions on cryptocurrency regulations.

Let’s take a closer look at the state of crypto jobs across American states and cities.

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State-wise overview

  • Wyoming: Wyoming isn’t just a scenic mountain state but a crypto powerhouse. The state’s 693 jobs per million people is an indication of its dedication to emerging technologies. With proactive legislative steps and the backing of one of the most crypto-friendly senators Cynthia Lummis in Congress, Wyoming is not just supporting but fostering blockchain businesses.
  • Vermont: Vermont has emerged with 618 roles per million people. Vermont’s progressive approach to technology, combined with its eco-friendly initiatives, may position it as an attractive destination for sustainable blockchain solutions and startups.
  • Alaska: The pristine wilderness of Alaska, with 545 crypto jobs per million people, reflects its willingness to blend the untamed beauty with digital advancement. As the state looks to diversify its oil-dependent economy, embracing tech like blockchain may be its modern gold rush.
  • North Dakota: North Dakota, with its 520 roles per million, is more than its agricultural legacy. As the state witnesses a tech boom harnessing sustainable sources, it’s no surprise that the digital currency employment landscape is expanding.
  • South Dakota: Famous for its iconic Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, with 444 roles per million, proves it’s not just a state of historic figures but a state envisioning a digital future. The state’s push for business-friendly environments might be the magnet for crypto startups.

In contrast, states like Florida, known for its vibrant tourism and growing tech scene, surprisingly has only 53 jobs per million.  Texas, a vast state with massive economic outputs, lags with just 52. The industrial hub, Michigan, has 44, while historic Pennsylvania offers 43. Ohio, the heartland of America, rounds out the bottom five with 42.

City-wise overview

Crypto job market: top cities and industries for employment - 3
  • San Bernardino, California: Once known mainly for its logistics and distribution centers due to its strategic location, San Bernardino has evidently embraced the digital age by leading the pack in crypto employment with 193.24 jobs per 100k people. Its proximity to the tech hubs might be a driving factor.
  • Frisco, Texas: Frisco, a part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, isn’t just about traditional Texan industries. With 185.03 jobs per 100k people, its burgeoning tech scene and business-friendly incentives make it ripe for crypto innovation.
  • Spokane, Washington: Spokane, balancing urban and natural beauty, enters the list with 182.12 jobs per 100k. As the state’s tech scene grows, Spokane’s efforts to be a hub for startups and innovation are evidently paying off.
  • Garland, Texas: Garland, another gem in Texas, has taken the crypto job scene by storm with 177.65 jobs per 100k people. Its strategic location and evolving tech infrastructure may be the reasons behind this surge.
  • Richmond, Virginia: The historic city of Richmond, known for its rich past, is evidently charting a futuristic course with 177.51 jobs per 100k. 

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles and New York, the crypto job densities are 13.05 and 13.97 per 100k people, respectively. This might result from a combination of factors, including the cost of living, higher competition for tech talent, and the presence of a wide range of industries, which may dilute the concentration of crypto-related jobs.

Crypto jobs hiring trends

The global crypto job landscape shows diverse sectors vying for talent. According to the research, topping the chart is the retail sector, posting 161 positions per 1,000 crypto jobs, underscoring an accelerating trend of cryptocurrency adoption in mainstream commerce. 

Crypto job market: top cities and industries for employment - 4

Not far behind are financial services with 150 jobs, highlighting traditional finance’s endeavor to intertwine with the digital currency revolution. 

IT services and consulting stand at 147, emphasizing the tech backbone powering the crypto movement.  At the other end, sectors like transportation and logistics, along with healthcare, trail the list with 48 and 47 postings, respectively, hinting at a nascent but growing interest in embedding blockchain and crypto solutions in these fields. 

Here are some key trends and highlights:

  • Shift from traditional roles: As sectors like finance and retail adopt crypto, there’s a noticeable shift from traditional roles to hybrid ones. For instance, banks aren’t just hiring financial analysts but also crypto analysts. Retail chains aren’t just looking for sales executives but also crypto payment managers.
  • Inter-sector collaborations: With the crypto wave, previously distinct sectors are finding synergy. Fashion brands collaborate with tech companies for NFT launches, and gaming companies work with finance experts for in-game currencies. This intersectionality has led to diverse hiring needs.
  • Regulatory and compliance roles: With the increasing scrutiny of the crypto industry, especially in the U.S., there’s been a surge in hiring for regulatory, legal, and compliance roles. As governments and bodies frame regulations, companies are gearing up to stay compliant.

The road ahead

The changing landscape of the job market is influenced by the rise of cryptocurrencies, leading to surprising developments in various locations and the convergence of different industries.

As this transformation continues, it blurs the lines between traditional and modern, showcasing a world where digital currencies are becoming more integrated. This is not merely a passing trend but an ongoing digital evolution, offering significant opportunities for the future.

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