Ukraine and Binance Boast Transformed Lives with Tech Education Project

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Overcoming job loss caused by the ongoing conflict, more than 2,000 Ukrainians have found solace and empowerment in the IT Generation program, an educational project initiated by Binance in collaboration with Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation.

Launched in June 2022, the project sought to address unemployment by providing tech education scholarships, enabling individuals to pivot their career paths toward the IT industry.

Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, Oleksandr Borniakov, expressed his commitment to continuing efforts in helping talented Ukrainians to build a successful career path in the promising technology industry:

“IT Generation is one of the flagship projects of the Ministry of Digital Transformation, as the development of education for the future economic and technological growth of our country is crucial.”

Binance Charity underpinned the program with a donation of 1 million USDT. Utilizing its BNB Chain and Binance Pay technology, the initiative delivered the scholarship funds to students following course registration.

Prominent programs such as the USAID Competitive Economy of Ukraine Program and the UNDP’s project for digitizing public services in Ukraine have also backed this initiative. The project’s goal to support digital literacy and the adoption of new technologies received significant traction, thanks to these affiliations:

“Within three weeks of completion, 147 IT Generation graduates have already secured employment within the IT sector, with many of them landing roles in project and product management, HR, and as JavaScript developers.”

The project came to an end in July 2023, after nine months of operation. In the subsequent three weeks, an impressive 147 graduates had already found employment in the IT sector.

Olga Kornieieva, an English teacher turned IT Researcher at Forte Group, learned the skills to move into the IT sector, stating, “delving into the fascinating world of IT and learning firsthand from seasoned professionals was a truly rewarding experience […] which enabled me to transition into the IT sector and work in my desired field.”

Another person whose success story showcases the program’s ethos is is Oleksandra Dorokhova, a former financial specialist now working as a marketing analyst.

During her nine weeks, she was introduced “to essential tools that I could integrate into my work as a marketing analyst. My participation in the program has empowered me to better engage with clients, efficiently manage my own schedule, and contribute more effectively to my team’s success.”

Out of 2,000 students, 1,877 completed the program and 147 Ukranians — so far — have successfully moved into the IT sector.

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