WSM, Bitcoin BSC, and More

With the crypto market beginning to rebound, keeping on top of the latest tokens with the potential for explosive growth has become crucial for investors.

YouTube influencers have become increasingly popular among the various sources available, offering insights and analysis that can help viewers make better trading decisions.

In this article, we discuss four new coins with high price potential that have recently been reviewed by crypto influencers – ensuring readers have the information needed to shape their portfolios effectively.

1. Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC)

Bitcoin BSC (BTCBSC) is a new BEP-20 token that’s capturing the attention of the crypto world with its exciting features.

Operating on the Binance Smart Chain, Bitcoin BSC aims to provide crypto investors with a taste of Bitcoin’s initial bull run – with BTCBSC tokens priced at just $0.99 during the presale.

Bitcoin BSC stands out because of its staking system, which provides consistent passive income through its smart contract, releasing rewards every 10 minutes.

WSM, Bitcoin BSC, and More

BTCBSC holders can stake their tokens and earn rewards based on their percentage of the total staking pool.

Additionally, BTCBSC takes advantage of the Binance Smart Chain’s superior transaction speeds and low fees relative to the Ethereum network.

Joe Parys Crypto, a prominent YouTuber with 382,000 subscribers, recently highlighted this promising project in a video uploaded to his channel.

WSM, Bitcoin BSC, and More

In this video, Joe describes BTCBSC as a potential Bitcoin alternative that could be “set to explode” in the next bull market.

Given this ringing endorsement, it’s no surprise that Bitcoin BSC’s presale has raised nearly $2 million in just two weeks – positioning it as a token to watch in the remainder of 2023.

Visit the Bitcoin BSC Presale

2. Wall Street Memes (WSM)

Wall Street Memes (WSM) aims to represent the spirit of the 2021 GameStop short squeeze, a time when retail traders took on the big institutions of Wall Street.

To pay homage to this movement, Wall Street Memes’ creators have launched the WSM token via a presale, raising over $25 million in three months.

Taking advantage of over one million followers worldwide, Wall Street Memes’ presale has reached viral status – yet has only one stage remaining before WSM makes its open market debut on September 27th.

WSM, Bitcoin BSC, and More

CryptoWendy0, a high-profile crypto influencer, recently uploaded a video about WSM, highlighting its unique position in the market.

In this video, CryptoWendy0 speculates that WSM could go viral before the next crypto bull run – drawing parallels to the colossal price increases experienced by other meme coins in the past.

WSM, Bitcoin BSC, and More

Looking ahead, Wall Street Memes’ team has laid out a comprehensive roadmap for the future, including an ambitious goal to hit a $1 billion market cap.

With WSM available for $0.0337 at the time of writing, many in the growing community believe now is the ideal time to stock up on tokens before the price explodes.

Visit the Wall Street Memes Presale

3. Launchpad XYZ (LPX)

Launchpad XYZ (LPX) is a brand-new presale crypto project that aims to provide investors with the tools and resources they need to be successful in the market.

With a focus on the Web3 ecosystem, Launchpad XYZ seeks to simplify complex topics while offering insights into cryptos and NFTs to help users maximize their profit potential.

WSM, Bitcoin BSC, and More

Recently, Connor Kenny, a renowned influencer in the crypto space, mentioned LPX in one of his YouTube videos, bringing added attention and credibility to the project.

Kenny noted Launchpad XYZ’s ability to help traders find low-cap crypto gems before they explode in value while emphasizing its user-friendly interface and educational content.

WSM, Bitcoin BSC, and More

This influential backing has brought about further growth of the Launchpad XYZ Telegram community, with members eagerly awaiting LPX’s exchange debut in the coming weeks.

Since investors can snag a 17% bonus when purchasing LPX tokens through the presale, now could be a viable time for would-be backers to get involved on the ground floor.

Visit the Launchpad XYZ Presale

4. yPredict (YPRED)

Another high-potential coin gaining traction recently is yPredict (YPRED).

This revolutionary platform aims to become an “all-in-one” AI-powered ecosystem, offering an array of valuable crypto analytics tools.

yPredict’s key selling point is its innovative features, which include market sentiment analysis, automatic chart pattern recognition, and AI-driven trading signals.

WSM, Bitcoin BSC, and More

These features were mentioned in a recent review by popular YouTuber Crypto ZEUS, who described YPRED as a “new altcoin to watch out for.”

Crypto ZEUS also highlighted the benefits of buying and holding YPRED tokens, given that they can be staked to earn impressive annual yields.

WSM, Bitcoin BSC, and More

On top of these features, yPredict also offers the ability to subscribe to predictive models developed by the top 1% of AI developers and quants – something that’s usually reserved for institutional investors.

With yPredict’s presale now in its second-last stage, interested investors only have a limited time to purchase YPRED tokens at a discount before their exchange listing in the coming weeks.

Visit the yPredict Presale

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