BINANCE DID WHAT?!? || Finally Good News For BlockFi

In this video, we discuss the recent news coming out of Binance and BlockFi. Binance has recently announced that they will be offering a service called Binance Lending, which will allow users to earn interest on their cryptocurrency holdings. This news has been met with widespread enthusiasm, as it provides an additional source of income for investors.

BlockFi, an established crypto-lending platform, has also jumped on this trend and announced a new service that allows investors to earn up to 8.6% APY on their holdings. This has been seen as a positive move for the industry, as it shows that companies are recognizing the potential of crypto-lending platforms and are willing to invest in them.

Overall, this news is a win for both Binance and BlockFi, and is sure to attract more investors to the space. With more people entering the market, the industry is sure to grow and become even more profitable.

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