Cardano unveils explorer in beta, Domini harnesses blockchain for traditional art transformation

The Cardano Foundation recently launched the open beta phase of a new explorer that will serve as a gateway for users to navigate information about the smart contract blockchain. This launch is a significant milestone for the network, providing a more user-friendly way to interact. Moreover, the explorer can be a valuable resource for developers.

Meanwhile, a new project, Domini, aims to reshape the landscape of art investment via a novel approach, making blue chip art accessible to everyone. 

This strategy seeks to level the playing field, inviting art enthusiasts and collectors of diverse financial capacities to explore the market’s potential. 

Leveraging the blockchain, Domini ensures openness, safeguarding, and an immutable record of ownership for fractional stakeholders. 

Cardano Foundation releases beta version of explorer 

The Cardano Foundation is committed to providing users with the tools to explore and use Cardano. The new explorer is a major step forward in this effort, and the foundation aims to enhance it further.

The beta introduces two critical features of Staking Lifecycle and Compose report:

  • Staking Lifecycle feature visually illustrates core blockchain concepts, such as staking, delegation, and rewards. 
  • Compose report feature allows users to generate a downloadable report about the activity of either stake addresses or stake pools. This can be useful for auditors, supervisors, and end users who need to track their staking rewards or verify the activity of a stake pool.

The explorer is composed using Java, a popular programming language. This way, more developers will be free to contribute, expanding Cardano’s community. 

Domini aims to reshape traditional art investment

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Domini is harnessing the blockchain to transform traditional art investment. The art market has traditionally had limited accessibility due to significant entry barriers. Domini aims to enhance accessibility by introducing an approach to art ownership alongside crypto investment opportunities.

Investing in art has always held a unique allure, encompassing both the cultural appreciation of creativity and the potential for financial gain. The art market’s value, standing at an impressive $1.7 trillion and a transaction volume of $60 billion annually, underscores its significance as a thriving asset class. Domini recognizes the merits of investing in art via an initial coin offering list and is leveraging blockchain technology to enhance security, transparency, and accessibility security in the art industry.

Traditionally, investing in art has been perceived as an endeavor limited to a select few due to the high capital requirements and exclusivity associated with blue-chip artworks. However, Domini is changing this narrative by offering fractionalized ownership. Each piece is transformed into a non-fungible token (NFT), creating an unalterable record of the transaction history.

Investing in art offers several benefits, such as diversifying your portfolio, historical significance, and potential for long-term returns. Historically, art investments have delivered an average return of 7.6%, making them an appealing asset class and a promising crypto investment option.

Currently, Domini’s native token, DOMI, is available for $0.0021. 


While the Cardano Foundation is releasing a beta version of its new explorer, Domini is introducing DOMI. The ever-changing fusion of technology and art can offer potential opportunities for portfolio diversification and innovative ventures. This serves as a reminder that keeping up with emerging projects, like Domini, can present investment opportunities.

Learn more about DOMI here:

Visit Domini presale | Join our community

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