Has the 4 Year Bitcoin Cycle Broken Down?

In this video, the host examines Bitcoin’s 4-year cycle and whether it has broken down. He begins by explaining the cycle which has been in place since Bitcoin’s inception. Every four years, Bitcoin experiences a halving event that cuts the rewards for miners in half. This results in a decrease in supply of Bitcoin and usually causes the price to rise.

The host then discusses the current halving event that just occurred in May 2020. He notes that the price of Bitcoin did not rise as expected and the 4-year cycle seems to have broken down. He suggests that this could be due to the increased amount of institutional investors entering the market, which is decreasing Bitcoin’s volatility.

The host then explains that although the 4-year cycle appears to have broken down, it could still be in effect. He suggests that the current market conditions could cause the price of Bitcoin to rise in the future, and that it is too early to say whether or not the 4-year cycle has broken down.

Overall, the host suggests that it is too early to tell whether the 4-year cycle has broken down and that investors should be prepared for a potential rise in the price of Bitcoin in the future.

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