Michael Saylor Is In BIG TROUBLE

Michael Saylor, the founder and CEO of MicroStrategy, is in big trouble. Just a few weeks ago, he made a risky move that has caused a lot of controversy. He invested more than $1 billion of his company’s money into Bitcoin.

At the time of the investment, Bitcoin was trading at around $15,000 per coin. But since then, the price has dropped dramatically. It is now trading at around $9,000, which means that Saylor’s investment has lost more than $400 million in value.

The dramatic drop in the price of Bitcoin has caused a lot of anger among the shareholders of MicroStrategy. Many of them feel that Saylor has made a reckless decision that could put the company at risk.

Saylor has defended his decision and said that he believes that Bitcoin will eventually rebound and that his investment will ultimately be profitable. But for now, he is in hot water and it remains to be seen how his gamble will play out.

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