State of the DEX: Blocknet

Hello everyone, welcome to the State of the DEX Series.

In this series, we will be covering the various decentralized exchanges (DEXs) that are in existence today.

Today, we’ll be discussing Blocknet. Blocknet is an open source, decentralized exchange protocol and platform that enables trustless trading between different blockchains. It works by providing an open-source platform that allows blockchains to communicate and transact with each other.

Blocknet launched its mainnet in May 2018. The platform currently supports over 125 different coins and tokens, including BTC, ETH, and many more. These coins and tokens can be traded directly against each other with no middleman or custodian involved.

The platform also provides a host of additional features, such as atomic swaps for decentralized trading, a trustless decentralized orderbook, and a variety of tools for developers. The Blocknet team is also working on a number of different projects to further improve the platform, such as cross-chain staking and a decentralized liquidity network.

Overall, Blocknet is a very promising project that is providing users with the ability to trade coins and tokens across different blockchains. If you’re interested in decentralized trading, then Blocknet is definitely worth checking out.

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