Watch as I Scam a Crypto Scammer

In this video, I am going to scam a crypto-scammer. Over the past few weeks, I have been receiving emails from someone claiming to be a cryptocurrency trader who is willing to help me make money.

The emails have always been sent from a different account and I have never been able to contact them directly. I decided to set up a fake email account and contact the scammer using that.

The scammer was very eager to help me make money and asked me to make a payment of 0.03 BTC. I told them I did not have access to any Bitcoin, so they offered to help me buy some.

I gave them my fake email address and asked them to send me the details of how to buy the Bitcoin. The scammer sent me a link to a website where I could buy the Bitcoin, with instructions on how to do it.

I followed the instructions and bought 0.03 BTC. Once I had done that, I sent the Bitcoin to the scammer’s address. I then waited for the scammer to respond with the promised profits.

The scammer never responded and the money I sent was never returned. This is a typical example of how a crypto-scam works and how easy it is to get scammed.

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