You Won’t Believe What SBF and Epstein’s Girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell Have In Common.

Do you ever wonder what the connection is between the world’s most famous financier, Jeffrey Epstein, and his long-time girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell?

Well, it turns out the two have something in common. Both Maxwell and Epstein were associated with the same elite financial club, known as the Steering Board of Finance (SBF).

The SBF is an exclusive financial organization based in London, England. It’s an invitation-only membership club, with a select group of individuals from the world of finance and business.

The club was founded in the early 2000s and is said to have been instrumental in helping Epstein build his wealth. It’s also been reported that Maxwell was a regular attendee of SBF events.

So, it would appear that Epstein and Maxwell shared more than just a romantic relationship. They both had ties to the same financial club, the SBF.

It’s a reminder of how Epstein’s financial network was far-reaching and powerful. And, it’s an intriguing insight into the inner workings of the SBF and its elite membership.

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