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Real estate: These rental apartments are in highest demand

Two rooms, 63 square meters and 592 euros including rent – these are the key data of the dream apartment that the majority of potential tenants are looking for on Immoscout 24. The real estate portal evaluated the top ten percent of the apartment advertisements with the most inquiries from interested parties for the month of April, depending on the region. The single apartment with two rooms and an average price per square meter of 9.39 euros is therefore most in demand throughout Germany.

But supply and demand differ: According to Immoscout, more rental apartments with three rooms and around 70 square meters of living space are on average being offered. The cold rent is an average of 741 euros per month – and thus exceeds the financial framework of many interested parties. “The existing supply often does not match the demand: too big, too expensive,” says Immoscout Managing Director Gesa Crockford. Those looking to rent would therefore expand their search radius and increasingly switch to the surrounding area. “Because there is less competitive pressure there and the rents are cheaper.”

The run for free living space is still unbroken, especially in the German metropolises. Four of the five cities with the highest number of competitors for the most wanted apartment are metropolitan areas, and fifth place is taken by a university town in the Black Forest, as the table shows.

It is most extreme in the capital. 41 percent of all rental apartment advertisements are one-room apartments. But the search ads dominate other parameters: the popularity ranking is led by two-room apartments with a basic rent of 554 euros.

Two-room apartments in Berlin: 636 applicants every day

On average, 636 people apply for such an apartment – ​​per day. In the other large cities, the criteria for finding accommodation are similar. And here, too, the applicants are piling up. In Hamburg, 199 people responded to apartment advertisements with two rooms, 57 square meters and 563 euros cold rent. In Cologne, interested parties are even willing to pay 700 euros, but the competition is still fierce. And in Freiburg im Breisgau, too, the housing market seems to be just as tense as in the metropolises mentioned above: 164 people apply here for the most wanted apartment within a day.

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With increasing demand, prices climb to record highs for the low supply, as an analysis by Immoscout 24 from March shows. In Berlin, renters have to dig deep into their pockets. In the fourth quarter of 2022, a rent of EUR 11.45 per month was charged for existing buildings – the increase in five years is around a third. The rent for new buildings in the capital is now even 15.95 euros. An increase of almost fifty percent (48.2 percent). This is a very high average even compared to other popular cities such as Hamburg or Cologne. On average across Germany, tenants paid EUR 10.88 per square meter.

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Only in Munich was it significantly more expensive again in the fourth quarter of 2022: 21.37 euros cold rent for new buildings were asked. Applicants in the city therefore plan more money when searching. According to the Immoscout analysis, apartments with an average of two rooms and 54 square meters for 926 euros are the most frequently sought after.

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Away from the big cities, the rental housing market is a lot more relaxed. Demand and asking rents are significantly lower. In Hoyerswerda, Saxony, the most sought-after apartment has two rooms, is 57 square meters and is being offered for 335 euros including rent. The competition is rather small. On average, only two prospective tenants apply for the advertisement within a week - the chance of an affordable apartment is therefore much greater.

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