a16z welcomes applications for London-based Crypto Startup School

a16z welcomes applications for London-based Crypto Startup School

The venture capital firm a16z is now accepting applications for its Crypto Startup School (CSS) 2024 spring course, which is set to be held in London, the same city as its headquarters.

According to a16z, participants of the 12-week accelerator program for early-stage companies will receive expert guidance, funding and resources from a16z crypto, in addition to the opportunity to meet industry founders and mentorship from web3 operators. 

Interested applicants must be builders in developing crypto products or have an interest in learning programming languages like Solidity, which are prevalent in industry development. While the announcement states they hope for more UK and Europe-based founders, applications are open to teams from around the world.

Applications are now being accepted through Oct. 20.

Although the program is in-person, starting in March and ending with the Demo Day in June, similar to previous cohorts, any content from the Spring 2024 session will be made publicly available for viewing.

The announcement also highlights that CSS will host two programs this year, with a second cohort announced for fall 2024 in Los Angeles. 

Supporting startups, despite an unfavorable market

Despite the current market downturn, a16z crypto has continued to show its commitment to the growth of the cryptocurrency industry.

In addition to another cohort in their spring course, the venture capitalist has successfully supported startups like Bastion, a company that is helping brands build a digital world, and UK-based Gensyn AI in multi-million dollar fundraising rounds.

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