Bitget’s Inaugural EmpowerX Summit: Igniting Future of Web3 and Crypto with 1900 Attendees

Bitget proudly hosted its inaugural flagship event, EmpowerX Summit, in Singapore on September 12, 2023. The summit welcomed nearly 1900 esteemed guests, featuring more than 247 distinguished VIP speakers and partners who engaged in profound discussions on the transformative potential of crypto and the burgeoning web3 ecosystem.

Bitget's Inaugural EmpowerX Summit: Igniting Future of Web3 and Crypto with 1900 Attendees

Tim Draper, renowned venture capitalist and cryptocurrency advocate, delivered a keynote address that reverberated through the crypto space. 

“I love what Bitget is doing – bringing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to the masses,” Draper emphasized. “It has to be done with good user experience, good user interfaces, and it’s gonna be done in a way that brings so many people in. There’s no incentive for banks to take them on because people can’t afford to even open an account; it’s too expensive. Opening a bank account is more expensive than getting Bitcoin.”

Bitget's Inaugural EmpowerX Summit: Igniting Future of Web3 and Crypto with 1900 Attendees

Haseeb Qureshi, Managing Partner of Dragonfly Capital, shared his insights in another captivating keynote. He highlighted the seismic growth in on-chain settlements with stablecoins, revealing,

“In 2022, over $11 trillion stalecoins were settled on-chain. That means there’s more money being sent through stablecoin chains than through Visa.”

He drew attention to the fact that 25 million addresses hold $1 across all wallets and chains, collectively comparable to the fifth-largest U.S. bank in terms of users.  This staggering figure signifies the vast number of individuals engaged with stablecoins today, underlining the rapid expansion of the crypto market.

Bitget's Inaugural EmpowerX Summit: Igniting Future of Web3 and Crypto with 1900 Attendees

EmpowerX Summit marked a pivotal moment in Bitget’s journey towards crypto empowerment. The event commenced with an inspiring speech by Bitget’s Managing Director, Gracy Chen. She articulated Bitget’s mission to empower global users to trade crypto and assist companies in realizing their vision of decentralized real-use case products.

Bitget's Inaugural EmpowerX Summit: Igniting Future of Web3 and Crypto with 1900 Attendees

A riveting panel discussion ensued, featuring industry luminaries such as Justin Sun, Founder of TRON DAO; Yu Hu, CEO of Kaito ai; Alexander Pack, Managing Partner of Hack VC; David Tse, Professor at Stanford University and recipient of the Shannon Award. The panelists delved deep into topics encompassing AI, Blockchain, and the future of the internet.

EmpowerX Summit spanned the entire day, comprising six insightful panel discussions. Visionaries and co-founders in the blockchain realm, including Mihailo Bjelic, Co-Founder of Polygon; Adeniyi Abiodun, Co-Founder of Mysten Labs; Bryan Pellegrino, Co-founder of LayerZero; Alexandre Dreyfus, Founder of Chiliz; Sander Gortjes, Co-founder & CEO, HELLO Labs; Michael Gronager, Co-founder Chainalysis; Sebastien Borget, Co-founder of Sandbox, graced the stage with their expertise.

Venture capitalists of eminence, including Dragonfly Capital; Carl Hua, Investment Partner and CTO of Shima Capital; and Tony Cheung, Partner of Foresight Ventures, were among the distinguished attendees.

Bitget’s transformation from a derivative crypto exchange to a comprehensive ecosystem was evident. The company’s strategic investment of $30 million in the decentralized BitKeep multi-chain wallet (rebranded as Bitget Wallet) earlier this year marked a significant milestone. This move solidified Bitget’s position as a comprehensive decentralized space ecosystem.

The announcement of the $100 million EmpowerX Fund during the event signifies Bitget’s unwavering commitment to fostering ecosystem development. The fund will primarily support the growth of regional exchanges, data analytics firms, and media organizations. This initiative aligns with Bitget’s core philosophy of “Trade smarter,” emphasizing user empowerment through intuitive tools, security, and user-friendliness.

Bitget's Inaugural EmpowerX Summit: Igniting Future of Web3 and Crypto with 1900 Attendees

One of the standout moments at the EmpowerX Summit was the thrilling Web3 pitching session, presented in partnership with HELLO Labs. During the summit, attendees had a unique opportunity to witness a sneak peek of the “Killer Whales” reality show on-site. Four participating projects presented their ideas in front of a high-profile panel of judges from the show. In the end, Lava was selected as the winner. Lava is an open standard for blockchain RPC and APIs, aiming to simplify the development of web3 applications using blockchain data, all while ensuring data freshness and high uptime.

Bitget’s rebranding campaign, revolving around “Trade smarter,” solidifies its position as a leader in innovative trading products. This philosophy was presented during the event. Comprising the Smart Money Awards and Hero Trader Awards, the Bitget Smart Awards ceremony honored excellence across two segments. Leveraging the proven capabilities of 0xScope, a respected leader in blockchain analytics, the Smart Awards illuminated standout investment behavior and trading strategies.

The company’s multifaceted ecosystem expansion demonstrates its unwavering dedication to facilitating smarter trading, empowering individuals, and building a more secure, user-friendly, and efficient financial future for all. 

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


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