Breaking Down Mining in China FUD- Why We Are Buying the Dip

China has been a leader in the cryptocurrency mining industry since the early days of bitcoin. Recently, news outlets have reported on the Chinese government’s plans to crack down on Bitcoin mining. This has caused some investors to be fearful and has caused the price of Bitcoin to dip.

In this video, we take a look at the facts behind the news and discuss why we think this dip is a great buying opportunity. We explain that the Chinese government’s plan is not to ban mining, but to regulate it. This includes requiring miners to register with the government and be subject to taxes and other regulations.

We also discuss why this could be a positive for the industry, as it would make mining more secure and provide more transparency. Finally, we explain why we think this drop in price is a great opportunity for investors to get into the market.

Overall, we think that the news from China is not as bad as it seems and that this dip is a great buying opportunity. We encourage investors to do their own research and make their own decisions when investing in cryptocurrency.

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