Crypto Market Analyst Says XRP Will Go To Zero Against Bitcoin, Here’s Why

Bitcoin maximalist and crypto analyst Max Keiser recently offered his opinion on what price XRP will trade at against Bitcoin in the future. His latest remarks come just days after he initially labeled the XRP token a “centralized garbage.”

Why XRP Is “Guaranteed” To Go To Zero Against Bitcoin

Once again, referring to XRP as a “centralized garbage,” Keiser mentioned in an X (formerly Twitter) post that the crypto token is “mathematically guaranteed to trade at zero against Bitcoin. The analyst seemed to suggest that XRP, unlike Bitcoin, didn’t have strong fundamentals and was going to become worthless soon enough. 

Meanwhile, he referred to Bitcoin as “perfect money,” which was “perfectly decentralized” and “sent by God” to save the financial system. Keiser, in a previous post, had also predicted that XRP would decline to $0.01. These statements only form part of a series of negative remarks that the Bitcoin advocate has made against XRP. 

In another X post, Keiser stated that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) wants “XRP dead for obvious reasons.” According to him, “the risk of owning this thing (XRP) vs reward shouldn’t attract any capital at all.” He further remarked that winning the lottery offered better odds than owning the crypto token. 

From his comments, it was obviously clear that he was trying to demean XRP’s value and uphold Bitcoin as the “only truly decentralized commodity.” However, it is unclear why his attention is so focused on XRP, considering that the crypto token doesn’t exactly pose a threat to Bitcoin. 

A plausible reason could be that XRP has sometimes been projected to be the token that will disrupt the global financial landscape. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse had even once suggested that XRP could become the next Bitcoin if it could achieve this. Keiser will no doubt beg to differ. 

XRP price chart from

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XRP Suffering For Garlinghouse’s Actions?

Some members of the crypto community will no doubt agree that the recent backlash XRP has been receiving feels like poetic justice for Brad Garlinghouse’s actions. The Ripple CEO had also tried to put down another crypto token (DOGE) when he compared it to the Zimbabwean dollar

Garlinghouse also suggested, during a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum (WEF), that the meme coin had no value because it provided no real-life utility. Following his comparison of DOGE to the Zimbabwean dollar, the Ripple CEO was heavily criticized, with one X user, in particular, stating that he wasn’t meant to be making such comments considering XRP’s stagnant price

Although Ripple has mentioned that XRP should be referred to as its coin, the crypto token remains closely associated with the crypto firm. XRP is also known to be used by Ripple to facilitate its Ripple Payments service

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