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Dax shares and the China risk: shareholders should be careful here

It’s been over a year since Russia launched its war of aggression against Ukraine. It may sound cynical, but the German stock market recovered from this shock quite quickly. The Dax even reached a new record high last week. This is only possible because the large German corporations are hardly dependent on Russia. But the situation is different in a country that is threatening to instigate the next major escalation: China. The People’s Republic is stepping up its threats against Taiwan. An escalation of the conflict is at least within the realm of possibility. That would also be a problem for many companies from the first stock exchange league. In recent years, they have become increasingly dependent on China. In this episode, Nell and Philipp talk about what an escalation of the conflict would mean, which Dax companies are particularly dependent on the Middle Kingdom – and what that means for shareholders.

In our current BörsenWoche analysis, you can find out more about how big the China business of the Dax companies is.

Disclaimer: This podcast is not investment advice, it is for information and entertainment purposes only. The hosts or the publisher assume no liability for investment decisions that you make based on the information heard in the podcast.

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