De.Fi Announces $DEFI Airdrop Season 1 Prior To The Token Launch

De.Fi Announces $DEFI Airdrop Season 1 Prior To The Token Launch

Dubai, The United Arab Emirates (UAE), January 25th, 2024, Chainwire

De.Fi, the largest Web3 Super App whose $DEFI token launch is coming, announced Airdrop Season 1

De.Fi reached new heights with the resounding success of the $10M Public Token Sale in 2023, securing a total of $17 million in funding. Additionally, the team launched the $100,000 Community Quest and introduced the expanded features within the SocialFi platform. Now, De.Fi aims to become the first Web3 Service to launch a token.

However, before the token launch, the De.Fi team decided to delight their community by announcing the long-anticipated $DEFI Airdrop. This exciting initiative highlights De.Fi’s dedication to rewarding and involving its supporters in the journey ahead.

According to the official announcement, here is all the users need to know about the upcoming airdrop to seize their rewards:

Staking the $DEFI token is reported to be one of the key criteria for qualifying for Airdrop Allocation. Users’ journey to potential airdrop eligibility begins with staking $DEFI.

Active users also have the chance to get rewards. Active users are at the forefront of potential rewards in Season 1. Users can dive into the platform, and explore the exciting features of De.Fi, and watch as their engagement transforms into tangible rewards.

Snapshot. To ensure fair distribution, a snapshot will be taken prior to the airdrop distribution. Users’ contributions will be fully recognized, capturing their involvement at the perfect moment.

The team assured that Season 1 is just the beginning of a thrilling airdrop journey. Future airdrop seasons will generously reward the most dedicated users and active contributors to the De.Fi ecosystem. Stakeholders and participants can anticipate future seasons brimming with even more significant incentives.

Last year, De.Fi unveiled the revolutionary SocialFi platform, creating a space where users could seamlessly connect on-chain, follow friends and whales, scrutinize their chain activity, and compete for the top position in the leaderboard. De.Fi SocialFi is gamifiying the way users step into Web3 by turning onboarding into an exciting game. Users are presented with a huge number of activities where they can potentially earn XP, badges and valuable rewards for active participation every day.

About De.Fi

De.Fi is a Web 3 Super App because it offers a number of unique and valuable features. This all-in-one platform serves as a portfolio manager dashboard, facilitating tracking of crypto and DeFi positions across a large selection of chains, including non-EVM.

Navigate through the Explore Yields feature to find the best DeFi opportunities effortlessly. The Crypto Antivirus, an innovative security system embedded in the dashboard, diligently alerts users to risky tokens and smart contracts.

De.Fi SocialFi is gamifying the onboarding process of users into Web3, allowing them to create profiles, amass followers, build communities, earn points, and unlock rewards. 


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