Dymension Builds On Early Devnet Success With Incentivized Testnet Launch

Dymension Builds On Early Devnet Success With Incentivized Testnet Launch

Dymension, the startup building out an interconnected network of modular blockchains called RollApps, will launch its incentivized testnet by the end of this month, enabling developers to interact with its IBC-compatible rollups for the first time and start building more scalable dApps. 

Using the testnet, developers will be able to deploy RollApps easily using Dymension’s command line tool Roller. The startup said the deployment of its testnet was made possible by a collaboration with the data-focused networks Avail and Celestia, and enables builders to create their first RollApps using customizable virtual machines including the Ethereum Virtual Machine. 

Dymension is all about bringing scalability to the Web3 world through the use of application-specific rollups, which are based on the same scaling technology that’s used by so-called Layer-2 networks like Polygon, Avalanche, Fuel and Boba Network. What’s different about Dymension’s RollApps is that they’re the only one of their kind that provide full compatibility with IBC and the Cosmos ecosystem out of the box. They’re also data-agnostic thanks to their ability to connect to any data availability network. 

Although Dymension is competing in a very competitive niche, the potential of its technology is widely regarded. Earlier this year, the startup was able to raise $6.7 million in a funding round led by Big Brain Holdings and Stratos, with participation from DraftKings’ Shalom Meckenzie and DAO matchbox. Dymension has ambitions to accelerate Web3’s growth by helping developers to shift away from Ethereum and its scaling constraints. 

Dymension’s incentivized testnet follows the successful implementation of its devnet in June, where more than 500 RollApps were deployed by early adopters. Each of those RollApps is connected to the Dymension Hub to provide a secure and reliable bridge to the IBC ecosystem. With RollApps, the task of achieving consensus is delegated to Dymension Hub, paving the way for highly secure and super-fast blockchains with a sub 0.2 seconds transaction finality. The Dymension Hub handles all aspects of interoperability, vastly simplifying the process of interacting with RollApps to enable more cost-effective and scalable dApps. Its biggest impact comes in terms of reducing the infrastructure costs associated with the deployment of dApps, Dymension said. 

Following the success of the devnet, Dymension says it’s confident that it can attract even more interest in its RollApps from the wider Cosmos and Ethereum ecosystems due to its unique status as the only rollup provider that offers IBC as a bridge. 

When the testnet launches, users will be able to interact with RollApps through the Dymension Portal, which is its primary web interface. From the portal, users can view various ecosystem statistics and bridge over IBC using the MetaMask wallet. 

Dymension said all RollApps deployed on the testnet will publish their data to Avail and Celestia, with Cosmos and Ethereum to be added in a future update. In addition, Dymension supports a choice of VMs, including EVM, CosmWasm and others. This overcomes another key limitation for developers, who have traditionally always had no choice but to use the standard VM of the ecosystem they’re building in. 


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