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Ethereum Hodlers,

We can’t believe this is happening.

Leaked audio from the Ethereum Foundation shows that they are planning to make a huge change to the Ethereum network.

The Ethereum Foundation is planning to hard fork the Ethereum blockchain, which would result in two separate blockchains.

One blockchain would be the original Ethereum blockchain, which would retain the proof-of-work consensus algorithm and the other blockchain would be a new blockchain that uses a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm.

This would have huge implications for the Ethereum network and all Ethereum holders.

The new proof-of-stake blockchain would result in a completely new currency, while the original blockchain would remain as Ethereum.

The Ethereum Foundation claims that this hard fork is necessary in order to increase the scalability and security of the Ethereum network.

It is unclear when this hard fork will take place or what the exact implications will be.

Ethereum Hodlers, we urge you to stay informed and make sure you are prepared for this potentially significant change to the Ethereum network.

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