Everlodge up 80%, OP underperforms despite OP Mainnet raising $160M

In March 2023, OP Mainnet secured $160 million for development. However, after five months, its performance has not met expectations, with its price dropping by almost 50% since the fundraising. Meanwhile, its competitors, such as Everlodge, are steady in the bear market. In the presale, ELDG is up 80%, drawing investor interest.

Exploring Everlodge

Everlodge up 80%, OP underperforms despite OP Mainnet raising $160M - 1

ELDG is up 80% in the ongoing presale, currently in stage 3.

Everlodge introduces decentralized finance (defi) in the travel property market, offering a marketplace for fractional investments, from as low as $100, in luxury villas, hotels, and holiday homes. 

Investors can buy ownership shares in properties through non-fungible tokens (NFTs) instead of purchasing entire properties. Multiple investors can co-own a single property. Moreover, no credit checks or extensive paperwork are required, making transactions swift and reducing barriers to entry.

With Everlodge, investors can build global property portfolios and generate income from anywhere. 

Buying ELDG provides access to a VIP rewards club that offers free stays at various properties within the ecosystem. 

Holding 10,000 ELDG tokens can earn a two-night visit to a luxury Maldives villa, which can be used for accommodation or sold for additional income.

ELDG is currently available for $0.018 in the ongoing presale. Experts predict prices to reach $0.035 before launch. 

OP underperforming in 2023

OP prices have nearly halved since its $160 million raise in Q1 2023. 

Following the fundraising, OP rose to $2.60 but is currently trading at $1.30, down 16.26%.

OP Mainnet must make significant progress to regain media attention, as its daily trading volume is less than $3 million. 

Despite the development team’s active work on multiple initiatives, recovery remains uncertain. 

For this reason, investors are exploring alternatives, calling into question OP’s prospects.

Find out more about the Everlodge (ELDG) Presale



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