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How Mark Cuban Would Fix 'Play to Earn' Gaming in Cryptocurrency

In this video, Mark Cuban talks about how he would fix “Play to Earn” gaming in cryptocurrency. He believes that the biggest challenge with Play to Earn is that it’s too easy for players to buy “in-game” currency with real money, which defeats the purpose of the game.

Cuban proposes that developers should use a blockchain-based token for in-game purchases. This would make it impossible for players to buy in-game currency with real money, which would ensure that the game remains “Play to Earn.” In addition, using a blockchain-based token would make it easier for developers to track transactions and prevent fraud.

Cuban also suggests that developers should incentivize players to play the game. He proposes that developers could offer rewards for players who reach certain levels or milestones in the game. This could make playing the game more attractive to players and could help increase engagement.

Overall, Cuban believes that developers should focus on making the game more fun and rewarding for players, while also ensuring that the game remains “Play to Earn.” By using blockchain-based tokens, developers can ensure that players cannot buy in-game currency with real money, and they can also offer rewards and incentives to players to increase engagement and promote the game.

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