InQubeta and Solana deserve closer examination

The crypto market remains under pressure, but some projects like InQubeta (QUBE) have been firm. Overall, crypto can offer opportunities for discerning investors. Analysts predict that some top crypto coins like InQubeta and Solana (SOL) can rally in the coming months. 

While Solana is an established platform, InQubeta is a relatively new project on Ethereum. However, the protocol has drawn praise from analysts and users because of its approach and model, allowing artificial intelligence (AI) startups to raise funds quickly.

At the same time, InQubeta’s presale has been successful. The team has rolled out a nine-stage presale process and has raised over $2.9 million in the first four stages. 

InQubeta: expanding startups’ growth trajectory with defi

Analyst: InQubeta and Solana deserve closer examination - 1

InQubeta aims to be a one-of-a-kind facility for startups needing regular funding. With InQubeta, project founders can quickly get financial support for their AI projects from investors, turning their ideas into reality. 

On the other hand, investors get to access promising opportunities even before they hit the market and gain the early-bird advantage. The platform has released an ERC-20 native token, QUBE, which ensures that all transactions in the InQubeta ecosystem are processed seamlessly. QUBE is used for distributing various rewards to community members.

For presale participants, a 12-week vesting period ensures a more steady release into the market. QUBE buyers can access the tokens only after the lock-in period ends.

QUBE is also deflationary, meaning supply is always gradually reduced. By regulating supply, InQubeta aims to support prices even in periods of extreme volatility, keeping value more stable.

QUBE is also used for governance, and holders get voting rights. As such, they can vote on proposals forwarded by other community members before they are implemented. Holders can also stake QUBE and earn rewards from a dedicated rewards pool.

Startups using InQubeta must define what they can offer investors before seeking funding. This offer could be a reward level or a share of the startup’s equity. These offers are then turned into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and made available on InQubeta’s NFT marketplace. If investors agree to the terms set by the startups, they can buy these NFTs using QUBE.

Solana’s inflows in 2023 crossed $26 million

Solana is a smart contracting platform for deploying decentralized applications (dapps). 

SOL, its native currency, powers all transactions in the network. 

Solana has a unique consensus protocol blending proof-of-stake and proof-of-history mechanisms to form a hybrid algorithm designed to boost scalability.

The platform made headlines when its inflows in 2023 surpassed $26 million.


Investors often consider factors like utility, features, technology, and security when choosing a crypto to buy. A feasible crypto project should also show growth potential for long-term income.

Investors say InQubeta checks all these boxes as it allows users to support startup growth and explore future reward opportunities. In this way, it differentiates itself from other altcoins, including Solana.

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