M2 Pro Miner Went Up In Price! Is It Still Worth it? My Mining Profits Of MXC!

Hey everyone! I’m back with another video and today I’m going to talk about the M2 Pro Miner that went up in price recently. Is it still worth it? Is it still a good investment?

Well, first off, let’s take a look at the specs of the M2 Pro Miner. It’s a 10.5TH/s Bitcoin miner with a power consumption of only 1.2kW. That’s really impressive for the hashrate it’s able to produce. It also supports both ASICBoost and Asic Resistance, which makes it great for mining in both pools and solo mining.

Now, let’s take a look at the price. It’s currently selling for about $4,400 USD, which is a significant increase from its original price of $3,200 USD. Is it still a good deal?

Well, let me show you my mining profits from the M2 Pro Miner. I’ve been mining with it for about a month and it’s been really profitable. On the MXC mining pool, I’ve made around 0.7 BTC in profits which is quite impressive.

So, overall, I’d say that the M2 Pro Miner is still a great investment. It’s still one of the most efficient miners on the market and its hashrate is impressive. Plus, the profits I’ve made with it have been really good. So if you’re looking for a good miner, I’d definitely recommend the M2 Pro Miner. Thanks for watching!

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