Polygon and cardano trading volumes fall, InQubeta surpassing expectations amid rising demand

Polygon and cardano trading volumes fall, InQubeta surpassing expectations amid rising demand

The cryptocurrency market is no stranger to swiftly shifting dynamics that can even cause established players to face challenges. Recently, leading cryptocurrencies like polygon (MATIC) and cardano (ADA) posted sharp declines in trading volumes, leaving investors seeking alternative opportunities. Meanwhile,  InQubeta is the latest crypto project that investors are closely watching.

InQubeta combines artificial intelligence (AI) and cryptocurrency. The project’s presale is ongoing and has gained the attention of many crypto investors. InQubeta’s vision is to integrate AI and blockchain seamlessly, which could open up exciting opportunities for those involved in the crypto market.

In this article, we explore the details of these projects to understand why InQubeta’s QUBE remains strong despite the decrease in activity seen in other leading decentralized finance (DeFi) projects.

InQubeta is leading the way in AI cryptocurrency innovation

The ongoing presale of QUBE, the native token of the InQubeta network, has exceeded expectations. During the first presale stage, QUBE is available for $0.00875 and has seen over 137 million tokens sold quickly. As more investors participate in the project and recognize its utility, the value of QUBE will likely rise, potentially pushing the presale amount above the $1 million milestone.

InQubeta stands out as a project that has defied expectations and may offer advantages to early adopters. In contrast to many established players in the market who struggle to maintain momentum, InQubeta has taken a different path, delivering tangible value to its community and offering support to AI startups. The project has garnered recognition for its decentralized finance (DeFi) commitment.

The cryptocurrency project introduces an innovative approach to crowdfunding by utilizing fractionalized non-fungible tokens (NFTs ) products. InQubeta’s diverse ecosystem not only attracts users but also enhances the overall utility and sustainability of the QUBE token. By participating in the InQubeta presale, investors can diversify their portfolios and possibly be profitable despite price fluctuations in the broader cryptocurrency markets.

Polygon is redefining the future of blockchain

Polygon is a prominent player in the blockchain industry, offering scalable solutions for decentralized applications (dapps). The coin also plays a crucial role in addressing the challenges of high fees and slow transaction times on Ethereum. However, recent market trends have seen MATIC trading volumes fall, possibly highlighting declining interest from investors.

Despite falling MATIC prices and trading volumes, the project continues to expand its offerings, aiming to improve interoperability and provide developers with a seamless experience to build and deploy apps. 

Polygon has a strong community and a dedicated team, making it a significant player in blockchain. With this, the project can take advantage of potential growth opportunities in the future.

Cardano is setting a new era in dapps

The trading volumes of ADA have decreased recently, possibly due to its involvement in a lawsuit with Binance and Coinbase. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has classified the coin as an unregistered security, affecting the market. 

Over half of Cardano addresses lost investment, with some selling at a considerable loss. However, there are signs of recovery for Cardano, including its growing social media presence and other metrics that indicate increasing interest from the broader crypto market. 

Although trading volumes have reached a yearly low, the project’s solid fundamentals and long-term vision position it for substantial growth in the future.


InQubeta’s success during its presale phase, in contrast to declining volumes experienced by other top DeFi projects such as Polygon and Cardano, emphasizes the significance of adaptability and innovation in the dynamic cryptocurrency market. Through its ecosystem and community-driven approach, InQubeta has been resilient and even attracted investors seeking new opportunities.

While the decrease in trading volumes for MATIC and ADA underscores the challenges even well-established projects face, it is essential to recognize their long-term potential. Despite their struggles to regain interest and potential market recovery, investors should consider exploring InQubeta as a potential opportunity.

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