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SBF pleads ‘NOT GUILTY’ in EPIC FRAUD CASE! Biden Admits FTX’s Pandemic Plans!

In a stunning turn of events, the Securities and Exchange Commission has charged the executive chairman of the SBF Group with fraud in a multi-billion dollar securities fraud case. SBF Group, which is based in the Bahamas, is one of the largest and most powerful investment firms in the world.

The SEC alleges that SBF and its chairman, Robert J. Larkin, engaged in a fraudulent scheme that involved the sale of unregistered securities and the misappropriation of investor funds. The SEC claims that Larkin used the proceeds of the fraud to purchase luxury goods, including expensive cars and homes.

In response, Larkin pled not guilty to all charges at his arraignment on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, in other news, President Biden has admitted that the Federal Trade Commission’s pandemic plans have failed to meet their targets. The FTC was tasked with protecting consumers from fraud and other financial abuses during the pandemic, but the agency has been criticized for not doing enough to prevent scams and other financial crimes.

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