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Shares and Co.: Is the worst over?

The central banks have been keeping investors in suspense for more than a year. In order to fight the high inflation, the US Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank put the brakes on monetary policy and raised the key interest rates. The turnaround in interest rates has caused share and bond prices to plummet. Last week, the central banks on both sides of the Atlantic announced yet another rate hike. Some experts are now speculating that monetary policy will slowly calm down – and that the worst is over on the stock exchanges. In this episode, Philipp talks to fund manager Volker Schilling from asset manager Greiff Capital about whether an end to interest rate hikes is really in sight, how great the risk of a recession is – and which strategy investors should pursue now.

Disclaimer: This podcast is not investment advice, it is for information and entertainment purposes only. The hosts or the publisher assume no liability for investment decisions that you make based on the information heard in the podcast.

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