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THIS BITCOIN CYCLE is VERY DIFFERENT! Dan Held Explains MOST SURPRISING Cryptocurrency Events 2020!

Hello everyone, my name is Dan Held and in this video I will be discussing the most surprising cryptocurrency events of 2020.

2020 was an epic year for the cryptocurrency space, with new all-time highs, new institutional investors, and a strong bull run. This Bitcoin cycle is very different than the last, and I think there are a few key events that really stand out as the most surprising.

First, the rise of Decentralized Finance (DeFi). DeFi is a new movement that is bringing financial services to the blockchain and giving users more control over their money. We’ve seen an explosion of activity in the DeFi space, with billions of dollars locked in various protocols and services. This is a big shift from the centralized financial system we are used to, and it has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for developers and users alike.

Another big surprise was the launch of Ethereum 2.0. Ethereum 2.0 is a major upgrade to the Ethereum network that will bring increased scalability and better security. This upgrade has been in the works for years, and it is finally here. This marks a major milestone for the Ethereum network, and it will help the platform compete with other protocols and remain relevant in the long term.

Finally, the launch of the Polkadot network is a big surprise. Polkadot is a platform for creating interoperable blockchains and bridges between different networks. This is a big step forward for the cryptocurrency space, and it has the potential to revolutionize how we transfer value and data between different networks.

These are just a few of the most surprising cryptocurrency events of 2020. There are many more, and I think this year has set the stage for an even bigger and more exciting 2021.

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