Top 3 Cryptos for Long-Term Growth – Solana, Chainlink and Everlodge

Top 3 Cryptos for Long-Term Growth – Solana, Chainlink and Everlodge

Those looking for high-growth altcoins will typically follow analysts and experts to see which ones can provide them with massive long-term returns. Based on the current projections, Everlodge (ELDG) can provide an ROI of 3,000% for those who jump into it during the Stage 1 presale. Other altcoins that are noteworthy include Solana (SOL) and Chainlink (LINK). Let’s dive into all of them to see how they stand out.


● Solana to reach $29.22

● Chainlink can spike to $9.12

● Everlodge to climb to $0.035

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Solana (SOL) Future Outlook

The Solana (SOL) cryptocurrency did experience an increase during the past week and broke past the $20 price barrier. The Solana crypto bulls did regain the market momentum, and it can surge even further. The crypto has seen adverse movements since August, following an increase in the Solana selling pressure, resulting in a 12% price decline during the past 30 days.

However, since then, the bulls have made attempts to correct the Solana price in a bullish trend. Now, the crypto needs to break past the $22 price barrier in order to reach new heights. Analysts are bullish on the future of the cryptocurrency. According to the Solana price prediction, it can reach $29.22 by the end of the year.

Chainlink (LINK) Price Prediction

The Chainlink (LINK) crypto has been trading with a bearish inclination and lost much of the ground it covered in mid-August of 2023. However, the Chainlink price rally was originally fueled by the Grayscale asset manager’s resounding victory in the case against the SEC.

Moreover, the Chainlink crypto earned its place among the best networks for DeFi developers and projects. Its unique ability to link smart contracts to off-chain data sources contributed to this growth.

The Chainlink price is now around the $6 range, and it’s ranked as the 24th largest crypto in terms of market cap. Analysts project that, according to the Chainlink price prediction, it can reach $9.12 by the end of the year.

Everlodge (ELDG) Future Outlook

A project that’s being developed to reconstruct the real-estate landscape is Everlodge, which can completely introduce a new, revolutionary technology.

Its unique business plan can disrupt the market and make it accessible to anyone. According to data, the global real estate industry can grow to $729.40 trillion by 2028. As a result, there is a solid growth opportunity for this new project.

In addition, Everlodge is the first blockchain platform that combines luxury home ownership with NFT technology. It mints properties as NFTs and then fractionalizes them, making them accessible for as little as $100. Moreover, the platform will also feature timeshare mechanics, where anyone can get free nightly stays through the Rewards Club.

As the properties grow in value, so will the values of the NFTs. Through buying properties that can get rented out, investors can get passive income. ELDG plays a major role in the ecosystem. Holders can stake it for passive income, get discounts, and engage in governance.

Subsequently, during Stage 1 of the presale, it trades at $0.012, but analysts project that it will climb to $0.035 by the end of the year.

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