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Trade Republic founder Hecker: “The state is taking your pension away from you”

“The pension is secure” – with this sentence Norbert Blüm, the former CDU labor minister of the Kohl era, became famous more than 30 years ago. Today, many young people in particular are likely to have doubts about this political promise. The pension gap is growing from year to year, the much-discussed stock pension is a long time coming and is only supposed to start with a small amount anyway. If young contributors do not make private provisions, it will be difficult to get an adequate pension in old age. And there is actually no way around the stock market. In this episode, Philipp talks to Christian Hecker, founder of Neobrokers Trade Republic, about how the weaknesses of the German pension system could be solved, why young people shouldn’t just rely on the state for their pension – and what stock savings can do for retirement.
Fintechs like Trade Republic and N26 have shaken up the entrepreneurial world. Valuations are now falling and investors are acting more cautiously. Read here where the German fintechs are headed.

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