Traders bullish on Bitcoin and InQubeta, expect new highs in 2023

Traders bullish on Bitcoin and InQubeta, expect new highs in 2023

Investors are considering Bitcoin and InQubeta as potential additions to their portfolios due to their growth prospects in 2023. As the first mainstream cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has maintained its popularity and currently holds a market cap of over $500 billion. It primarily functions as a transactional network, facilitating the transfer of value.

On the other hand, InQubeta serves as a utility in both the real and crypto worlds. It addresses the accessibility challenges of traditional investment firms by offering a more user-friendly alternative to their platforms.

InQubeta plays a significant role in promoting innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) by directing funds to startups in need. Simultaneously, it opens up investment opportunities for individuals who lack access to conventional investment entities, enabling them to gain partial ownership of potentially transformative companies in AI. 

InQubeta growth potential

The InQubeta presale has successfully raised over $1.7 million. Despite the current delicate conditions in the crypto market, the project is anticipated to continue growing.

Investors have shown a strong interest in companies contributing to the advancement of artificial intelligence in recent years. Investment in such companies amounted to $12 billion in 2015 but rose to around $120 billion in 2022.

The growing bullish sentiment toward AI is attributed to the progress made in the sector over the past decade. It is projected that investments in AI firms will surpass $1.5 trillion by 2030.

InQubeta’s core objective is to channel funds to startups in the AI domain, fostering innovation and simultaneously providing investment opportunities for those optimistic about the potential of AI. 

A new way to invest

The InQubeta project offers investment opportunities in the AI sector by enabling startups to raise capital through equity-based non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

Before gaining access to the NFT marketplace, the team evaluates these companies.

Investors can purchase NFTs using QUBE, the platform’s native token, which grants them partial ownership of the issuing companies.

With capital flowing to AI, investors are looking at acquiring equity in potential startups via InQubeta.

The total supply of QUBE is set at 1.5 billion, with a deflationary mechanism gradually reducing the circulating supply over time. 

This combination may suggest that QUBE could be undervalued at the current spot rate, with the market cap potentially rising above $1.5 billion if more attention and capital flow into the AI sector. 

Holding QUBE or engaging in staking may, therefore, present an opportunity for high growth, akin to acquiring partial ownership in innovative AI companies. 

Bitcoin may post more gains

Bitcoin recently broke the $30,000 resistance level leading to more bullish predictions that the coin may reclaim 2021 highs in 2023 and even surpass $120,000 by 2024. 

Bitcoin has the highest market capitalization, and major institutions like JP Morgan are looking to open channels for their client base to trade the coin.


Bitcoin and InQubeta could post more gains in 2023. Based on its current value, InQubeta seems undervalued and may have more potential than BTC. This is due to its ability to allow investors to explore AI projects focused on innovation.

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