Traders think this will be the next gaming token to explode after Notcoin

Traders think this will be the next gaming token to explode after Notcoin

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The gaming sector is emerging as one of crypto’s top narratives, and the new Mega Dice token could be next to explode amid steadfast support from traders.

Mega Dice token is undergoing a presale and has raised $1.3 million so far. Its current price is $0.075, but this will rise throughout the campaign. The next uptick will occur when 28 million $DICE have sold. Currently, that figure is 18 million.

Notcoin posts $470M market cap on launch

Notcoin, a new gaming cryptocurrency, launched on the market on 16 May and currently holds a resounding $474 million market cap.

Despite just launching, Notcoin’s market cap overshadows that of many projects that have been around for years. The simple reason is that Notcoin was well-established long before it brought a token to market. 

It launched a Telegram-based game in November 2023 and attracted over 650,000 users within its opening weeks. What’s more, the team recently reported an ATH of over 5 million people interacting with the protocol in a single day.

This means Notcoin already has bucketloads of hungry buyers ready to invest in its new token offering.

Notcoin’s prominent user base is reflected in the token’s holder count, which surpassed 5 million in the first 36 hours.

To put that into perspective, that’s over 20x larger than Pepe’s holder count, and Pepe is the market’s most traded meme coin and seventh-most traded cryptocurrency today.

Adding to Notcoin’s bullish outlook, media outlet Decrpypt reported that Telegram Founder Pavel Durov holds $7 million with of NOT and plans to hold them until the token’s price 100x’s.

Notcoin is trading at $0.004748, down 9% today and 67% since its ATH, which occurred shortly after its launch. It holds a $487 million market cap and a $125 million 24-hour trading volume.  

Its recent volatility is typical for a much-awaited token launch. However, analysts anticipate that this is short-term, and Notcoin could begin climbing higher in the coming weeks.

For instance, Web3_Vibes suggests that Notcoin could soon see a “change from falling to growth” following an “intense struggle between buyers and sellers.”

But while Notcoin continues to find its footing in the market, the new presale Mega Dice token is backed for spectacular gains by leading analysts.

Traders say Mega Dice token could 100X after presale

However, the same could be said for Mega Dice, with the project boasting a long track record and numerous industry accolades.

Similar to Notcoin, Mega Dice launched a popular Telegram application in 2023. However, Mega Dice took a different route, launching the first fully licensed Telegram casino.

So, considering Notcoin’s success, it should be no surprise that analysts are significantly optimistic about Mega Dice token. 

For instance, Michael Wrubel recently provided numerous reasons he is bullish on the project to his 300K YouTube subscribers.

Meanwhile, Jon Trading dubbed Mega Dice token “the next 100x crypto of the 2024 bull run.”

Mega Dice is a proven front-runner in crypto gaming, with 50K players

Mega Dice boasts one of the most active and engaged user bases among crypto gaming projects.

As an industry-leading crypto casino, Mega Dice offers 4,000 games and boasts 50K players who wager $50 million monthly.

Indeed, with such cash rolling through its books every month, the project certainly has the financial means to remain at crypto’s cutting edge.

What’s more, the new DICE token boasts a slew of standout features, reflecting its team’s pioneering and forward-thinking mentality.

For instance, DICE is the only GameFi crypto that gives holders daily rewards based on the casino’s success.

Holders also have access to limited-edition NFTs, exclusive on-platform rewards, early bird bonuses, and a referral program.

As per its website, 35% of Mega Dice’s total supply is allocated to the presale, with another 15% to airdrops, 15% to liquidity pools, 15% to the casino DICE pool, 10% to staking rewards, 5% to marketing, and 5% to affiliates.

In celebration of the presale, Mega Dice token has launched an airdrop worth $2.25 million. 

The campaign is currently ongoing, and users who hit a $5K casino wager volume within a 21-day window gain entry.
To learn more about this project, visit the Mega Dice presale website or join the community via Twitter | Telegram

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