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URGENT: BITCOIN & ETHEREUM MANIPULATION!!! CME Announces Micro Cryptocurrency Futures in May 2021!

Welcome to today’s episode of Crypto News Now! Today we are discussing an urgent update regarding Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) has just announced that it will be launching Micro Cryptocurrency Futures contracts in May 2021. This news is significant for the cryptocurrency markets because it will provide more liquidity and make it easier for investors to trade Bitcoin and Ethereum.

The CME is one of the world’s largest derivatives exchanges and has a long history of providing trading opportunities for major institutional investors. This news is a sign that institutional investors are getting more comfortable with cryptocurrencies and are looking to invest in the space.

This news is also significant because it could potentially lead to increased market manipulation. With more liquidity and easier trading, it could be easier for large investors to manipulate prices and manipulate the markets.

It is important for all investors to keep an eye on this news and be aware of the potential risks associated with increased institutional investment in the cryptocurrency markets.

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