ZEBEDEE launches Nostr social media client enabling micropayments

ZEBEDEE launches Nostr social media client enabling micropayments

Nostra creator Fiatjaf launches the most decentralised social media yet. Built on Bitcoin it enables users to own their content and be able to send microtransactions.

Social media platforms are censored

The social media platforms of today are highly successful, but at what cost? It turns out that Twitter was being used by government to suppress certain conversations that were against their narrative, and Youtube regularly de-platforms anyone who is perceived to not be following their rules. Other social media platforms are in a similar position.

Bitcoin is successful because it cannot be taken down by any government or their agencies. It is for the people to be able to protect their wealth from a banking system that does not serve them.

Fairly rewarded content

Nostr was built on top of Bitcoin, and is the first open protocol that is truly censorship-resistant. ZEBEDEE and Nostr co-creator Fiatjaf have taken this further, and on Thursday launched the ZBD app, which will enable users to have their content fairly rewarded, in that they will be able to keep 99% of the value they created.

The social media features of the new app includes a game-changing development called “Zaps”. These are tiny micropayments as small as $0.0002, which can be sent to anyone in the world instantly and without censorship.

The messages, profiles, and posts are not limited to any one platform, and can flow across any Nostr-powered app or website, so if one platform is shut down there are many more that can receive the social media.

Also featured on the new app is the ability to be able to send payments through DMs (Direct Messaging), and to earn payments through games, podcasts, music, art, and whatever a user can dream up that might create value.

Empowerment of people

André Neves, CTO and co-founder of ZEBEDEE said of the launch of the ZBD app:

“ZEBEDEE is all about empowering people through open, decentralized technologies. The new social layer within the ZBD app delivers an all-in-one space for people to connect, play, and earn while embracing our core values. We’re spicing up the ZBD ecosystem to offer an unprecedented user experience, blending social media, gaming, shopping, and Bitcoin,” 

From the ZEBEDEE PR announcement:

“To secure early access to this upgrade of the ZBD app, available for iOS and Android, users can sign up at Or go to and follow @zbdapp on their legacy social media platform of choice.”

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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