Analyzing crypto trends and growth potential: Borroe, Polygon, and Avalanche

Polygon (MATIC) and Avalanche (AVAX) are under pressure. On the other hand, Borroe’s (ROE) growth potential and real-world utility is pulling more investors who have, in turn, bought over 93% of tokens allocated in the early phases of the ongoing presale. 

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Borroe  investors bullish

Borroe is a funding marketplace that allows content creators and web3 participants to obtain upfront funds from future recurring revenues. 

Analyzing crypto trends and growth potential: Borroe, Polygon, and Avalanche - 1

Businesses in the web3 community can use the Borroe ecosystem to generate instant cash flow by minting non-fungible token (NFT) representations of future and outstanding invoices, which are then sold at a reduced price in the Borroe marketplace. 

Borroe’s deflationary token, ROE, is issued on Polygon, a scalable Ethereum sidechain. 

ROE holders can use the token to purchase invoices, repay rewards, receive priority notifications on new sales, obtain discounts, and participate in social media share-to-earn opportunities.

Investors have already bought 25 million ROE in the ongoing presale, with demand fanned by Borroe’s value propositions.

The current price of ROE is $0.0125, but it will go up by 25% in the next presale stage. Those who buy ROE in stage 1 will benefit as it will be listed for $0.040 by the end of the crowdfunding.

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MATIC is falling

Polygon recently announced plans to launch a new native token, POL, which would replace MATIC if approved by the community. 

As a result, MATIC is down 18% in the last two weeks, and 90% of MATIC investors have sold their token holdings. 

MATIC is changing hands at $0.71, falling 1.76% in the last 24 hours. Meanwhile, associated trading volumes have shrunk by 29.23%. 

Some predict that MATIC holders will continue to offload their holdings, potentially forcing prices below $0.50. However, others are more optimistic, expecting a steady recovery in August. 

Beyond prices, there are other concerns. New wallet addresses on Polygon have dropped by 78%, a reason that may heap more pressure on MATIC prices.

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Avalanche drops 5% in one week

Avalanche is down 0.28% in the last 24 hours and 5% in the last week. At press time, AVA is trading at $13.20. Trading volumes are also shrinking, falling 25.20% from the previous day. 

Some investors believe AVAX’s weaker utility compared to other projects is the reason for the current downtrend. They predict further erosion, possibly below $12, compounded mainly by investors losing interest. Still, there is optimism following the launch of the Avalanche Vista program that could ignite interest and potentially lift the coin back to $15. 

Some experts are skeptical about Polygon and Avalanche ecosystems because of the decreasing investor interest. Nevertheless, they are optimistic about Borroe and expect ROE to outperform MATIC and AVAX.

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