Ep. 39: Explaining OTC Trades and Shorting Bitcoin

Welcome to episode 39 of Crypto Weekly. In this episode we’ll be talking about OTC trades and shorting Bitcoin.

OTC, or over-the-counter, trades are trades that take place outside of exchanges. They are used to facilitate large trades without having to go through the regular exchange process. This can be beneficial for traders because it allows them to trade large amounts of coins without having to worry about the impact it will have on the market. It also allows them to make trades without having to pay the fees associated with an exchange.

Shorting Bitcoin is the process of borrowing Bitcoin and then selling it, with the expectation that the price will go down. If the price goes down, the trader will be able to buy the Bitcoin back at a lower price and then return the borrowed Bitcoin. This allows traders to make a profit if the price of Bitcoin goes down.

That’s it for this episode. We hope you have a better understanding of OTC trades and shorting Bitcoin. Thanks for watching.

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