InQubeta finds support, QUBE can flip BTC, BNB, and XRP

InQubeta is popular in the crypto market and getting support for its fundamentals and growth potential.

Industry experts predict InQubeta’s utility token, QUBE, to outgrow established coins like Bitcoin (BTC), Binance Coin (BNB), and XRP. 

This article examines InQubeta’s features and why it is garnering market-wide support.

InQubeta has market-wide support

InQubeta is a crowdfunding platform for crypto artificial intelligence (AI) startups aiming to capture the attention and imagination of investors. 

InQubeta finds support, QUBE can flip BTC, BNB, and XRP - 1

Its token presale has raised over $1.9 million, intending to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem where AI startups can raise funds and enthusiasts can invest in the burgeoning AI market.

Startups can raise money for projects by minting investment opportunities into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to be listed on the NFT marketplace. 

Each AI investment opportunity will be divided into fractional NFTs, making it easy for investors to invest based on their budget. 

Industry experts and analysts are bullish on InQubeta and expect more gains for QUBE by the end of the year. 

Currently, during the writing stage, the presale for QUBE has entered stage 2 and is available for $0.0098.

Bitcoin returns dwindling

Bitcoin is popular and has been gaining value over time.

However, due to its significant growth in recent years, new BTC investments may not yield the same returns as those registered by early investors. 

Investing in projects early can have significant benefits, as seen with the early investors of Bitcoin.

BNB prices recoil on regulatory concerns

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently filed a lawsuit against Binance for trading unregistered assets and Binance Coin (BNB) for being a security. 

As a result, there is uncertainty surrounding BNB, and its value has declined. 

For now, BNB may not be a desirable investment.

XRP dropping on profit-taking and potential SEC appeal

XRP recently achieved a partial victory against the SEC, which caused a surge in its popularity. 

However, investors are now taking profits off the market, leading to a loss of momentum for XRP. 

The ongoing legal case and the possibility of an appeal by the SEC may also create FUD around XRP. 

As a result, a price retrace for XRP is likely.


InQubeta’s vision of reshaping AI fundraising and investment through blockchain technology has been met with market-wide support. 

As a result, QUBE can surpass Bitcoin, BNB, and XRP. 

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