Margot Robbie’s Barbie Film Takes A Bitcoin Twist With “Ken Energy” Quip

Margot Robbie, the lead actress in the new Barbie movie, has sparked a conversation within the cryptocurrency community following her playful dismissal of Bitcoin (BTC) as a stereotypically “Ken” topic of discussion. 

In a recent interview promoting the film produced by Mattel, Robbie jokingly referred to male producers frequently engaging in conversations about Bitcoin as “such Kens.

Bitcoin Buzz Into Barbie Film

Although Robbie has seldom shared her views on cryptocurrency publicly, Mattel, the parent company of Barbie, has displayed longstanding support for blockchain technology as an emerging revenue stream for its brands. 

In recent years, the company has explored the utilization of blockchain for creating digital collectibles and other products.

The inclusion of a Bitcoin reference in the Barbie movie suggests that Mattel may be interested in further exploring cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. As digital currencies gain mainstream acceptance, it becomes increasingly crucial for companies to consider the potential applications of blockchain in their business models.

Robbie’s comment has attracted attention from both the film and cryptocurrency industries, leading to speculation about its underlying meaning. Many interpret the remark as a subtle acknowledgment that Bitcoin is often associated with masculine energy and power.

However, while Robbie’s comment was made in jest, it highlights the growing mainstream recognition of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. As digital currencies continue to gain acceptance, they are increasingly becoming a topic of discussion in diverse industries and communities.

The recently released Barbie movie has already garnered attention for its progressive themes, such as diversity and inclusivity. The inclusion of a Bitcoin reference in the film suggests that the project may also possess a playful and irreverent side.

Overall, Margot Robbie’s playful comments about Bitcoin within the context of the Barbie movie shed light on the growing mainstream recognition of cryptocurrency, as well as the ongoing discourse regarding gender dynamics in the industry. 

Mattel And Balmain Unveil High-Fashion NFT Auction

Mattel, the renowned toy company behind the iconic Barbie brand, is taking a leap into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with a high-fashion collaboration. 

In a significant partnership, Mattel has joined forces with the esteemed French luxury brand, Balmain, to bring a digital makeover to Barbie fashion through the creation of exclusive NFTs.

This new venture introduces Barbie to the realm of digital art, allowing collectors and enthusiasts to own authentic pieces of collectible, digital fashion. These unique NFTs will be made available through an auction, providing an opportunity for fashion aficionados and Barbie enthusiasts alike to bid on these coveted digital collectibles.

The NFT auction will feature three distinct Barbie and Ken avatars, each donning exquisite ensembles from the highly anticipated Balmain x Barbie collection. The highest bidders will not only secure the digital avatar but also receive a physical, one-of-a-kind Barbie-scaled version of the outfit worn by their avatar.

With this venture, Mattel demonstrates its willingness to embrace innovative technology and explore new avenues for its iconic Barbie brand.

By venturing into the world of NFTs, Mattel aims to provide an immersive and transformative experience for Barbie enthusiasts, blending traditional play with digital collectibles and high fashion.

Mattel’s foray into the NFT realm with the Balmain x Barbie collaboration not only pushes the boundaries of creativity but also reflects the evolving landscape of the fashion industry. It serves as a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and its ability to adapt to emerging trends.

Bitcoin’s recovery on the 1-day chart. Source: BTCUSDT on

At the time of writing, Bitcoin has recovered to reach the $29,250 mark and is currently approaching the 50-day Moving Average (MA) as its closest resistance level. This comes after the cryptocurrency dropped to as low as $28,500 on Tuesday.

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