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US Stock Market Crashing as Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency MAKE NEWS in June 2020! | Livestream & Chill

Welcome to Livestream & Chill! In this video, we are talking about the US stock market crashing as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies make news in June 2020.

The US stock market has been in a free-fall since mid-March, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average falling more than 25%. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite indexes have also been hit, both falling more than 20%.

At the same time, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been making headlines. Bitcoin has surged more than 65% since mid-March, and Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency, has soared more than 85%.

As traditional markets crash, investors have been turning to cryptocurrencies in a bid to find safe-haven investments. The increasing adoption of digital currencies by institutional investors has also been a factor in the surge.

It remains to be seen if the gains in cryptocurrencies will be sustained or if the traditional markets will recover. In any case, it’s certainly an interesting time for the financial markets.

Thanks for watching Livestream & Chill. We’ll see you next time.

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