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In this video, we will look at why cryptocurrency is about to explode, and why IBM is done with Stellar Lumen.

Cryptocurrencies have seen a surge in popularity in recent years as more and more people are beginning to recognize the potential of this new asset class. Not only is cryptocurrency more secure and private than traditional methods of payment, but it also has the potential to revolutionize the way we make payments and store value.

As more and more people are recognizing the potential of cryptocurrency, the demand for these digital assets has increased exponentially. This surge in demand has caused the prices of some of the most popular cryptocurrencies to skyrocket over the past year.

This surge in demand has also caught the attention of large corporations. IBM is one such company that has taken notice and is now investing in the cryptocurrency space. In particular, IBM has invested in the Stellar Lumen platform, which is a decentralized payment network that uses cryptocurrency for transactions.

However, it appears that IBM is now done with Stellar Lumen, as the company announced that it is no longer investing in the platform. This is likely due to the fact that IBM is now looking to invest in other cryptocurrencies that have more potential.

It is clear that cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular and is on the verge of exploding. With the increasing demand and the backing of large corporations, it is likely that the prices of these digital assets will continue to rise in the near future.

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