Why We Will NEVER Sell ALL of Our BITCOIN

In this video, I’m going to talk to you about why we will never sell all of our Bitcoin.

First, Bitcoin has been around for nearly 10 years and it has proven to be resilient, reliable, and secure. It is the most valuable digital asset in the world and its value continues to rise.

Second, the potential of Bitcoin is vast and it is still in its infancy. There are many potential applications that are yet to be realized. We believe that Bitcoin will continue to grow in value and become more widely used in the future.

Third, we believe that Bitcoin will be an important part of the future of finance. It is already being used to facilitate international payments, store value, and provide access to financial services to people in developing countries.

Fourth, we are passionate about Bitcoin and the technology behind it. We believe that it has the potential to revolutionize the way we use money and we want to be part of that revolution.

Finally, we are committed to helping grow the Bitcoin ecosystem and we will never sell all of our Bitcoin. We plan to continue to invest in Bitcoin and use it as a long-term store of value.

We hope that this video has helped you understand why we will never sell all of our Bitcoin. Thank you for watching.

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