CoinMarketCap’s Mistake || An End to Globalism??

CoinMarketCap’s recent decision to exclude South Korean exchanges from its global index has caused an uproar in the crypto community. The move was made in response to South Korean exchanges’ prices being much higher than their global counterparts. This has led many to believe that the move is a step back from globalism and a sign that the crypto industry is now entering a more localized period.

The impact of this decision has been huge and has already caused large fluctuations in the prices of some of the top coins. While some have praised the move as a way to reduce market manipulation and bring greater accuracy to the data, others have argued that it could lead to greater centralization and a less global cryptocurrency industry.

Only time will tell if this decision was a mistake or a step in the right direction, but it has certainly opened up an important debate about the future of the industry. Will the industry remain global or become more localized? Will CoinMarketCap’s decision have a long-term impact or be forgotten? Many questions remain and only time will tell.

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