U.S. Takes Stand AGAINST Crypto

what’s up everyone gotta love the Dubai Skyline I’m on the Dubai frame right now I’m very afraid of heights so if I’m stuttering that’s why okay first off I’m gonna go over why the US is in big trouble with crypto why a lot of companies and people are going to flee the us to go to better places that are much more crypto friendly as you know regulations are getting way stronger and it’s not going to stop also I’m gonna go over why SPF is even crazier than you could even imagine uh but first please
like And subscribe check us down below for our CT Club where you get our trailers portfolio updates and much more Biden Administration says it would be a mistake to deepen its ties between crypto and the broader Financial system now Heidi and I’ve been saying for about four to five years now that crypto will be slowly leaving the us just like you know one of the biggest things questions that we get asked on our CT Club is how do we buy such and such coins as an American it’s gonna get much worse so the reason
why the Biden Administration or the central banks of the U.S don’t want uh people involved in crypto is because it’s decentralized and it’s going to take away from their cbdc’s that are coming out rapidly okay rapidly I said or I should say stable coins if you watch my last video all right next up SPF is crazy crazy he’s trying to influence uh Witnesses through encrypted messages prosecutors are saying so this is coming from the prosecution which is going to probably lay more even more charges on top of them it is essentially
witness uh intimidation and this guy is clueless but you know he’s got a lot of money and he’s got a lot of friends in high places so who knows what’s going to actually happen to him just know he’s crazy all right again again Bitcoin hash rate is at an all-time high once more remember how it was crashing and everybody was panicking I told people relax I’ve seen this before over and over again yes all-time highs again no worries now let’s go on to money laundering okay the US money laundering
which means printing lots of currency to give to their buddies overseas the IMF is considering new 16 billion dollar Ukraine Aid package this is coming from Bloomberg they’re just gonna print in print and print there’s no stopping guys monetary inflation is absolutely going to Skyrocket and there’s nothing stopping that um yeah next up daily active users by Chain so these are some of the coins that we have got in our CT club members in early early okay BNB has 781 000 daily active users during a bear Market
has 344 000 users here at a bear market and eth has 324 000 users on a daily basis during the bear Market these are bullish bullish signs guys so okay so what you’ve seen with the broader stock market is a broader stock market is up and why is it up because I think the market understands what the FED is going to do in the future they’re not scared anymore the FED reserve and Wall Street work together we’ve I’ve been saying this over and over again the macro environment is fine uh stocks are going
to probably continue going up regardless of how many bears tell you it’s not and also right now Benjamin Cohen on Twitter says the market is now pricing in a 99.7 percent probability of a 25 basis point rise uh next week so yeah look at look at the stock markets up S P’s up everything’s up all right so the their broader Market I’m not worried one one bit next we’re going to talk about Satoshi flipper all right he’s a guy that I follow on Twitter he says as long as the FED keeps watching the CPI go
down month after month while employment stays low consumer confidence remains high and GDP keeps expanding we are good and so we’re expecting the market to continue upward okay that’s that’s what my friends that’s what we Heidi and I think and many more very intelligent people think that as well so guys that is it that’s all please enjoy the skyline of beautiful Dubai Sunset and we will talk to you guys soon

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