You Won’t Believe What The EU Is Doing With Bitcoin Now

why would European Union allow their Banks to have a certain amount of exposure to bitcoin when we’re hearing the types of news of the scams that they’re trying to portray of Bitcoin as being a part of for example remember Sam bankman freed do you remember dcg and Genesis and Gemini and the complete mismanagement of users funds that’s we’re talking about today if you guys want to learn what the banks are doing with Bitcoin you got to keep watching in the meantime if you want to know what we’re doing with our
cryptocurrencies and why how we are not bothered or affected by custodial platforms going down in fact we kind of cheered on because that’s not what crypto was created you have to check out the CT Club linkford is down below in the video description we do trade alerts we do Market updates portfolio updates which is coming at the beginning of this next month and February so for those who are CT club members that’s when you can expect our new portfolio update hit like And subscribe also if you don’t mind I
appreciate that so you guys sambang been freed he is no longer the CEO of FTX he has declared bankruptcy for his centralized exchange and all the funds on or not on that centralized exchange are now tied up in bankruptcy proceedings they are now in the hands of basically a custodian still Sam bankmanfree thinks he has the right to have access to FTX assets he still thinks he has the right to your funds because there were reports previously that he had unauthorized access he had accessed funds like to like hundreds of thousands of dollars
basically made a withdrawal without anyone’s permission and now they’re saying there’s no evidence of that so he should still have access to the assets I don’t know where this logic is coming from he’s not even the CEO anymore guys we’re he’s on house arrest what is he doing I’m sorry I had to laugh otherwise you have to cry because this guy is absolutely psychotic um also more developing news coming from dcg digital currency group and Genesis because they are under the investigation
now from the Department of Justice and they are probing yes there’s no accusations of what you know they have or have not been doing yet but apparently they’ve found enough where they’re going to keep digging they found enough things that are very questionable where they want to know what else is going wrong basically between dcg and the companies that they own and these inter-company loans that was just the tip of the iceberg it seems because now there’s also reports that I guess Genesis employees were told
to lie about the status of what’s happening with Genesis that’s never a good look and that tends to always happen on these centralized custodial platforms guys are we seeing the pattern here yes we are and are we learning from it I sure hope so if you want to learn how to store on a hardware wallet what a hardware wallet is all the important things you have to check out the links Down Below in the video description I have a ton of tutorials just for you lastly again what I was talking about the intro of this video why are you why
is the European union now allowing banks in Europe to have exposure to hold up to two percent of their Holdings in Bitcoin are they coming around the fact that they’re actually like you know this Fiat thing was cool for a while but like dang bitcoin’s kind of cool too you can’t print the crap out of it are they gonna try to save their own butts by having uh exposure to bitcoin is the narrative about Bitcoin gonna be changing I don’t know that sounds honestly kind of utopian uh considering the environment
and and the overall sentiment of crypto especially the past like six months it’s been very very negative Jamie Diamond for example I know this is definitely more in the boat of of Toby’s uh Forte but he’s saying you know why should you ever you should never trust no you never trust you should never question the legitimacy or the truthfulness of what your government is telling you why is this Banker telling you that because they’re in bed together guys the government and the bankers are one entity basically Bankers owning the
government obviously if you know anything about the history of the Federal Reserve how it was created who who who did that you can see the ties pretty easily but you have to make a question why would the European Union allow their Banks to hold two percent Bitcoin are they that desperate are they that scared that they’re going to turn to the dark side to try to protect their assets I don’t know guys uh what do you let me know what you think in the comments down below we are uh guess where we are guys I
think you might recognize this view we tend to like this city a little bit while we can get here for a few days while we can for traveling that’s what we do uh anyway thank you for tuning in hit like And subscribe we’ll see you tomorrow bye guys

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